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trypanosomiasis common name
trypanosomiasis - African sleeping sickness (T. brucei) (2 strands: T.b. gambiense W. African & T.b. rhodesiense E. African)
African Trypanosomiasis causal agent
Trypanosoma brucei (2 strands: T.b. gambiense W. African & T.b. rhodesiense E. African) - Mastigophora (hemoflagellates) - Vector-borne - blood parasite
African Trypanosomiasis reservoir & transmission
zoonotic - vector-borne - human host - bite by tsetse fly - vector - T.b.g. in dense vegetation along rivers & forests - T.b.r in savanna woodlands & lakefront thickets
African Trypanosomiasis portals of entry/exit - toxin -virulence factor - area affected
nervous system - brain - heart - lymphatic system - many organs
African Trypanosomiasis signs & symptoms
intermittent fevers - enlarged spleen - swollen lymph - joint pain - cns becomes affected - personality + behavioral changes occur - lassitude - sleep disturbances - uncontrollable sleepiness during day - sleepless night - neurological deterioration signs are: muscle tremors - shuffling gait - slurred speech - seizures - local paralysis - death results from coma, secondary infection, heart damage
African Trypanosomiasis lab id
distinctive fly bite in endemic area - trypanosomes are readily demonstrated in blood & spinal fluids or lymph nodes -
African Trypanosomiasis treatment
chemotherapy - melarsoprol - suramin - eflornathine - pentamidine
African Trypanosomiasis prevention
applying insecticides - trapping flies - destroying shelter & breeding sites -
African Trypanosomiasis other information