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Q: Which of the following strategies are supported by BR*TOOLS?
A: - Standby database

- Spirit mirror backup

- Two-level backup: first to disk, then to tape.(옛날 SAPDBA에는 있어다고 함.그러나 BR*TOOLS에는 없다고함)
Q: Wehn an Oracle database is used by an R/3 system with SAP system ID C11, what is the name of the file for brbackup and brarchive parameters?
Q: Which of the following statements are correct in regards to using a single run of BRBACKUP to save both the database files and the offline redo log files?
one run strategy.

brbackup ..... -a -cds

단점 brbackup에 정해진 테입에 개수에 종속됨
Q: What is the probable caus
화면은 옛날 버전.
offline 백업을 건 경우

요즘은 DB를 내릴거냐고 물어봄.

하지만 DB13에서 offline backup 선택하면 SAP살리고 DB죽이고 받음
Q: When is data written to the Oracle transaction logs (redo logs)?
1. SGA내용 업데이트
2. before & after image 작성
3. commit 발생시 redo log 씀
4. redo log차거나 체크포인트시 SGA의 내용이 DB로 쓰여짐
Q: During an offline backup, which cusomer files does brbackup save to ensure that the Oracle database can be restored to an internally consistent state?
테잎 레이아웃 참조.

on/offline백업을 BR백업을 통해서 백업을 받으면
Q: During
6번과 같은데 online consistency 백업 참조

온라인 중에 시스템 카피 필요시!
Q: What is the primary function of the "sapbackup: directory?
BRBACKUP의 로그 저장(주역할, primary)
Q: Which of the following statements are correct in regard to index reorganization using BR*TOOLS?
A: - The reorganization can be done online using the "ALTER INDEX REBUILD" funtion without danger to data security and consistency.

- The reorganization can be accelerated the help of the ORacle PARALLEL QUERY functionality.

- BR*TOOLS prompts you to perform a backup before reorganizing indexes.(강사님이 아리까리하다고 함)
index reorganization의 얘기
Q: What happens during the shutdown of an Oracle database?
A: When you shutdown the databse with the NORMAL or IMMEDIATE option, the db system writes a checkpoint before shutting down the db (체크포인트찍습니다. 김혜진SW의 말씀)
DB shutdown 옵션

NORMAL - 사용자의 접속이 다 끝난후
TRANSATION - 트랙젹션이 다 끝난후
IMMEDIATE - 사용자 접속을 끊고 PMON이 commit이 안된걸 rollbackup
ABORT - 사용자 접속을 끊고 그냥 셧다운

위의 4가지 모두.. shutdown중에는 새로운 사용자 못들어감
Q: Which of the following statements are correct fot the SAP-recommended startegy for creating and updating table statistics used by the cost-based optimizer?
새버전에서는 이 내용이 나올지 모른다고함(강사님)
Q: Which fo the following commands does SAP recommend rungging on a weekly basis to update table statistics used bu the Oracle cost-based optimizer?
brconnect -f stat -t all(옵션) -m E(옵션) -s10 -p4 .....

등등..BR*TOOLS에서 바뀐내용을 숙지..

1주일에 한번씩 돌리는 내용등 숙지
Q: BRSPACE가 redifinition할때?
온라인하는데,단점은 롱로그필드가 있을때는 예전 방식으로..exp/imt로 해야됨
DB reorg 참조
a: oraarch
c: sapbackup
d: origlog&mirrolog
Work area + log
Q: Which of the following statements is correct in regard to OPS$connect?
OS 인증 방식쪽 살펴볼것
Q: What happens during the startup of an Oracle database?
A: - The SGA is created in shard memory according to the parameter settings in the configuratino file init<SID>.ora

- In the mount phase, the databse contol files are evaluated.

※ b: SAP instance가 기동될때
d: instance를 smon이 수행함

모드를 숙지 할것
Q: Which ofo the following checks are useful for databse performance monitoring?
A: - Checking that the cost based optimizer(CBO) statistics are refreshed once a week according to th estrategy recommended by SAP.

- Checking the data buffer quality.

- Checking the shared cursor cache for expensive SQL statements.

※ b: 하기는 해야되는데 퍼포먼스랑 상관없음
e: 요즘 안하는 작업. extent가 더이상 영향을 주지않음
Q: Whcih Oracle component dynamically maintains information about the status of the database redo logs, the database mode, the names and paths of database files, and is essential during a database recover?
A: - The Oracle control file, cntrl<SID>.dbf
Q: When the R/3 update task aborts with an Oracle error ORA 1653 - failure to allocate and extent for a table in a specific tablespace - what action needs to be taken?
A: The tablespace size should b be increased by adding a new data file.

※ a: 리오그 필요없다.
클리티칼 오브젝트경우 더이상 extent 안될때.

tablespace 추가 - 리사이즈, 추가(DB변경)

그리고 자동 allocate경우도 MAX에 걸리면 에러남.
Q: 21번 문제. 현재버전에서 않나올 문제..다만 extent 관련에서 책찾아 볼것
Q: What happens if a table wants to allocate another extent but there is not enough contiguous free space in the table space?
Q: What information can be found in the Oracle alert log file?
A: - DB error messages caused by an archiver stuck.

- Information about redo log switches.

- Information about backups with brbackup.
Q: During a workload analysis session, an expensive SQL statement on table ZLARGE was identified in report ZZSLOW. Which of the following statements is a croorect option to solve th prblem?
※ a:
c: rebuild 이후 퍼포먼스가 좋아지는 경우가 있으나 여기서는 답이 아님
d: 코드를 바꾼는게 index 바꾼느것 보다 훨씬 좋은(영양향 및 효과면에서)
Expensive SQL을 해결하는 방법

※ index 변경시 SE11에서 해당 table을 쓰는 걸 찾아서 영향도 조사 해야함.
Q: Which of the following is true for the SQL statement highlighted on the "Shared SQL" screen?
※ a: 리스는 정렬 가능함.
b: 버퍼겟이 많다고 expensive가 아니고 buffegets/execution이 높은경우는 의심
d: physical리드라서 아님
logical load의 5%가 차지하면 익스
Q: An instance error occurs when ore or more Oracle background preoceses become corrupted. As the database administrator, what action should you take first?
A: - Shutdown abort and startup oepn. The SMON process will use the current redo log files and checkpoing information from the control files to exexute an automatic instance recovery upon database stratup.
Q: Which of the following statements is correct regarding online Oracle database backups?
※ c: offline(백업동안) redo log 파일 빠졌음
Q: Which files must be restored form a backup tape to allow a full database resotre and recovery?
A: -Tablespace data files, database control file, adn all archived database transaction logs created since the last full backup.

※ c: 오라클 엔진에 관한 얘기
Q: Which fo the following statements are correct in regard to the BR*TOOLS option "Partial restore and complete recovery" for automatic database recovery?
A: - To use this option, at least one member of each redo log group must be intact.

- To use this option, the complete, undamaged BRBACKUP and BRARCHIVe logs must be available.

※ b: point-in-time recovery에 관한 내용
d: automatic database recovery에 관한 내용
Q: An R/3 database with system ID C11 contains the tablespace PSAPBTABD. if this tablespace is extened by 200MB by adding another data file, which of the following statements is correct?
A: To maintain database recoerablility, all data files for PSAPBTABD and the database control file should be backed up.
답이 명확해서 따로 설명 필요없음
Q: The..
Q: Which of the following rules apply when you are configuring oline redo logs?
A: - Each redo log group should have at least 2 members.

- For optimum database performance, the online redolog files should not be located on RAID 5 disks.
Q: 33번 옛날 문제
Q: 34번 옛날문제
Q: 35번 옛날 문제
Q: Which of the following Oracle parameters should never be modified in the fiel init<SID>.opa?
A: - db_name

- db_block_size

- row_cache_cursors(강사님이라면 이것도 맞다)
Q: To enlarge the system global area(SGA) for the Oracle database instance, which of the following Oracle parameters should be modified in the file init<SID>.ora?
A: - db_block_size

- shared_pool_size
redo log buffer도

요즘에 버전에 맞게 다시 볼것
Q: Which of the following kinds of information are provided by the command "brconnect -f"?
A: - Information about the last successful or failed bakups.

- Complete path names and file sizes for all data files.
책참고 할것
Q: 39번 기존 문제와 중복
Q: Which of the following confiurations has the minimum impact on data security and performance?
A: - Operating system swap and SAP kernel (executalbe files) installed on the same physical disk(s).