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  • Decline Of Aurangzeb Essay

    The beginning of longest rule of any religion, empire, civilization, ethnic group, and dynasty prevailed over subcontinent for around 800 years that is “The Mughal Empire” founded by Mongol leader Babur. The era of Mughals flourished in laws, medicine, wars, trade, famine, taxation, languages, arts and literature, gardens, masjids and other secular building. Minorities were considered in this reign as they introduced Shariah laws that resolve legal disputes, Hindus were protected under the law…

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  • Genghis Khan's Personality

    Through conquest, pillaging and the unification of mongol clans, Genghis Khan formed an empire stretching over 33 million km²: the largest land bound empire known to date. From the time he was appointed to rule the Mongol Empire in 1206 to the end of his reign in 1227, the Great Khan became famous for doing truly great, yet truly horrific things. Although much of Genghis Khan’s life is still shrouded in mystery and legend, there is clear evidence that can be pieced together to form conclusions…

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  • The Mongol Conquests

    Before they were known for creating the largest land empire in history, the Mongols were pastoral nomads who relied on their animals for survival. The Mongols moved several times a year in search of food and water for their herds. The Mongol lifestyle and continual migrations prevented them from transporting reserves of food and supplies. This made them extremely vulnerable to the environment. During the 13th century is when the Mongol Conquests took place. This resulted in the extensive Mongol…

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  • An American Journey Essay

    I am ecstatic. After weeks of my relentless begging, my father, Niccolo, and my uncle, Maffeo, have made the decision of bringing me with them on their voyage to meet again with the Great Khan at his summer palace at the far end of the continent of Asia. I am only 17, but I know I am ready. I am told that the journey will take around 3 to 4 years, which sounds like a long time, but I know that, since my father and uncle have already made this voyage, their experiences will help us to learn how…

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  • Comparison Of Genghis Khan And Alexander The Great

    Out of the many great leaders/warriors to have been born, one man made a mark on the world that would forever change history. The man named Temujin better known to the world as Genghis Khan, would become Mongolia’s greatest leader and ancestor. Genghis Khan was the son of a warrior tribe chief named Yesukhei. Most of the western world has seen Genghis Khan as a barbarian that slaughtered, plundered, and destroyed many cultures. But for the Mongols, they saw him as a national hero that united…

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  • Mongol Empire Dbq

    The 13th century from 1201 to 1300 was considered by some scholars to have been “the greatest of centuries”, in truth to some notable cultural highlights of major importance. During this time period arose to the world, the nomadic peoples of Central Asia, the Mongols. The Mongols conquered places in Russia , Northern China, Persia and Central Asia. Yet in their triumphs the Mongols were and still are classified as the most barbaric of the “barbarians” to have ever reigned over the world, because…

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  • Successful Empires: The Mongol Empire

    The Mongol Empire made an impact on the world as we know it today. They are considered one of the most successful empires to ever rule. The Mongols were ruled by Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan, who is the grandson of Genghis. They ruled somewhere between 1200 and 1360 B.C. The Mongols ruled for a very short period of time, but ruled very effectively. They ruled throughout central Asia and China. The Mongols made a very positive impact on the world. For example, they allowed religious freedom,…

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  • Essay On The Mongol Empire

    The legacy of the Mongol Empire was important in many different aspects; however, there are three categories that stand out to me. Religion, military tactics, and technologies and inventions are just a few of the things that make the Mongol Legacy so important. The Mongol legacy might have even provided us with a few ideas for today’s society. The Mongol’s were the first to allow freedom of religion and education. All religious leaders were exempt from public service as well as taxation. This…

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  • Mongolian Empire Dbq

    Conquered on horseback, the Mongolian Empire was the Largest Empire during the Medieval Times. The Empire began in 1206 and ended in 1368 under the rule of Kublai Khan. The Mongols were a group of nomadic tribes who lived in the Steppes and moved from place to another. In 1206, Genghis Khan joined the different tribes in Mongolia and led his people to achieve his dream of conquering the whole world. The Mongolian Empire was successful because of their society, technology and military techniques…

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  • Genghis Khan The Mongolian Empire

    The Mongolian empire was the largest land empire of its time and occupied land from the Yellow Sea in Eastern Asia to the border of Eastern Europe. This empire was created and ruled by Genghis Khan, “Universal Ruler”. Genghis khan was an amazing leader but also very cruel. He thought that he was born to become a warrior and so With that he conquered huge area and had great army. Genghis Khan was born with a blood clot in his hand and he thought meant the gods have sent him down to take over…

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