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  • Gothic Architecture Analysis

    The buildings of the Italian Cisternians consisted of a central hall for the crowds to gather, side aisles, and apse. With rectilinear forms challenge the French architecture, also with small windows, one example is the magnificent, Basilica of San Francisco, located in Assisi. The fresco painting on the walls was also an important characteristic of this period. Also, its desire to evoke the Franciscan connection with poverty influenced the architecture. Simply but magnificent is the definition for this basilica. Although the Basilica of San Francisco had the gothic style impregnated in other characteristics including its arches, it differed from French churches. The French buildings and churches had important large stained-glass windows like the ones at the Notre-Dame Basilica located in Paris, which represented its gothic style. An example the image 13.5 which is a plan of Fontenay Abbey. Also in the design and construction of the Florence Cathedral, several gothic characteristics were designed for this construction, but they changed the design several times, at the end they decided according to books, to instead of use tall towers, create a bell tower. There is such an important connection between Italian Cistercians and French Gothic cathedrals, as I said before in one of my essays, art is always related to other cultures and it always uses the knowledge of other civilizations, and its magic falls in the ability of mix all of this to create majestuous monuments and…

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  • What Are Gothic Cathedrals

    The Gothic time period began around the middle of the twelfth century and lasted to the end of the fifteenth century. The pinnacle of the Middle ages artistic achievement, rivaling the wonders of ancient Greece and Rome, was the Gothic cathedrals these “stone bibles” were so elaborate that construction literally took ages.Builders used pointed arcs and to increase the reality and illusion of height, cathedral exterior had carved Biblical tales.The Romanesque style made way for the Gothic style…

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  • Sacred Geometry In Cathedrals

    Sacred geometry connects natural patterns, designs, and structures to an overall sacred origin. This inseparable relationship between complex solidified values and generalized faithful concepts appears to be the unlikeliest duo. This mysterious relationship proved to be a huge attraction to many mathematicians, including Plato, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Leonardo da Vinci, and Johannes Kepler. However mathematicians today continue to seek evidence that complies with Plato’s cosmology, and “theory of…

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  • Saint Patrick's Gothic Style Essay

    One building that was interesting that imitated the neo-gothic style over the many years I lived in Lowell was Saint Patrick’s church in Lowell, Massachusetts. The local church had a historical tie to the city's Irish American population to support the Irish workmen who had moved to Lowell and who are also the ones that worked on the Pawtucket and Merrimack Canals. The current stone structure dates to 1853 and the Saint Patrick's church used to be in a wooden design but a fire in 1904 caused…

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  • Gothic Cathedrals

    In this chapter of Murray’s book, he examines gothic cathedrals as objects of desire and the relationships between these objects and their agents of its creation. Using Saint Denis as its main example, Murray uses the writings of three principle agents: the ecclesiastical patron, artisans and financers. For his example of Saint Denis, he focused on the writings, illustrations, and correspondence of Abbot Suger, Gervase of Canterbury, and Villard de Honnecourt. He begins by reflecting on how a…

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  • Questions On Gothic Architecture

    1) Who was Abbott Suger and why was he important? What surprising “building material” did he use? Abbot Suger is the man behind the visionary masterpiece, Saint Denis, which is a stained-glass piece of work that created historical importance in Cathedral glass structure. He is very important for his early work of gothic architecture and his style inspired many builders for years. The building material he incorporated in his work was the concept of light to reflect a symbol of god inside the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Amityville Of Horror

    music in the background was playing had me intrigued and kept me staying for more. It was an eerie, spooky, dark melody. One that just pierces my ears at the second my ears make contact with the sound. A song where I know something is going to happen at any given moment so I can’t look away. That’s what it was like. The film starts off showing an absolutely beautiful almost Victorian home. Two quarter moon windows that peaked out like eyes and two more windows right below each. There white…

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  • Ferry Beach State Park History

    Ferry Beach State Park is located in Saco Maine, between Old Orchard Beach and Camp Ellis. The park is nestled on 117 acres of beautiful land ranging from forested areas with luscious trees, to white sand beaches. One of the most popular draws to the park are the hiking trails where you can spend an afternoon taking in the awe inspiring views of the different eco systems that have made themselves at home and flourished. The trails are littered with man-made bridges that perch you above the floor…

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  • Middle Colonies Essay

    The middle colonies include New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Note: There are no promises everything will be perfect but, definitely a better life in the long run for your ancestors to live on. I can not pay to get over: That is not an issue, You can work for 4 to 10 years as a helper to a family and your boss will pay for our ticket over. That will give you food and a place to live. As well, You have rights at your home. Daily life On a normal day for the middle and…

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  • Globalization Of Kodak

    According to Parnell (2014), a company has to be aware of their industries external environmental factors because of the effects that they can have on the organizations strategic decisions. The near death of Eastman Kodak company is a direct result of the company failing to respond quickly enough to the evolving world of technology and societies demands to shift from film to digital photography. For Kodak, the advent of digital photography was ruinous (Hardy, 2015). Once a powerhouse in the film…

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