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  • Citizen Kane

    overall set of the film places Kane in a position of power. From costume design to lighting techniques Kane is portrayed as a powerful entity despite the fact that he considers himself to be a commoner. For example, when Kane steps into the office of the New York Inquirer all the employees stand out of respect for him; he pretends like the gesture is not necessary to further make the point that he is just a normal guy that happens to own a well-known newspaper and be excessively wealthy. Kane’s wardrobe design is also an indicator that he someone of importance, he often sports ascots is always well groomed and on a number of occasion is seen wearing a lavish fur coat. Kane built another house, or rather palace, in Florida that he named Xanadu. Xanadu, in reference to the Yuen dynasty of China, was the summer palace for the emperor. The location and name that Kane’s home gives the indication that he is like an emperor of his time; especially since is the publisher of a newspaper, which was the leading form of mass media in the early 1910s. Additionally, when Kane is in conversation with another he is illuminated and the character that he is having a conversation is shadowed over. The use of lighting makes it seems as though Kane is literally shadowing over the other characters. Furthermore, Kane’s interaction with other characters is a huge indicator that he is not equal with other’s in the film. When he speaks with his second wife, Susan, he is often standing over her. In…

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  • Citizen Kane Critical Essay

    In the many critical essays on Citizen Kane, three different perspectives on its meaning have dominated analytical writing about that film: work that concentrates on the mythic characters of Kane; essays that analyze the kaleidoscopic narrative structure that shapes its story; and writing that offers detailed interpretations of the stylistic compositions in the film, such as its use of deep focus and dramatic editing techniques. With the first two types of analysis as a background, here I will…

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  • Xanadu's Economic Determinism

    Xanadu is a third world country that has recently gained independence from its former mother country. As the financial advisor for Xanadu, I suggest communism as the economic system to bring this very under developed country into prosperity. Since they have only recently gained independence it will be easier for them to transition to a strong government. The people of Xanadu have no experience with democracy and therefore will be able to fully appreciate having a very elite few handling all of…

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  • I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud And An Essay On Man

    When the the first person speaker happens upon the field of daffodils, he transitions from an almost dejected condition to a state of bliss. The lonely wanderer stumbles upon a milky way meadow, a poet’s dream. The comparison of the yellow flowers to a majestic system of stars creates a sacred vision in the reader’s mind, almost like Wordsworth has had a glimpse of the afterlife. This unearthly description parallels the “holy and enchanted” Xanadu. Similarly, still in reference to the field of…

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  • Citizen Kane: Film Analysis

    Released in 1941, Citizen Kane and was produced, co-authored, directed and stared by Orson Welles. The movie was Welles first feature film and was nominated for Academy Awards in nine categories. Furthermore, the film is considered to be the greatest film of all time by critics, filmmakers, and fans. The setting takes place in Xanadu which is a luxurious mansion estate in Florida. The editing uses dissolves as the scene nears the mansion. We can see the lighting is low key and there is low angle…

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  • The Impact Of Citizen Kane On The Film Industry

    scene, the innocence of youth in the background and the seriousness of adulthood in the foreground, almost initially expressing to the audience that childhood is fleeting and is distant in memories of adults. This theme is revisited in the end of the movie, as the audience is told that “rosebud” was in fact Kane’s childhood sled (Lewis, 2013). Another example of depth of field takes place in the scene in Xanadu, where Kane is exchanging words with his wife Susan as she sits next to the fireplace…

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  • Charles Foster Kane Rosebud Summary

    Newspaper king Charles Foster Kane, is dead. The gap shots show Xanadu, Kane's monumental, rich, and currently matted estate in Everglade State. Interspersed with segments of his short subject necrology are scenes from his life and death. Most puzzling are his last moments: clutching a snowglobe, he mutters the word "rosebud." Kane, whose life was news and whose newspapers not solely reportable however fashioned opinion, was central to his time, a heroic figure. The short subject editor feels…

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  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Kubla Khan And The Romantic Movement

    One such is the poem of “Kubla Khan”, a piece written after he awoke from an opium induced dream. The work describes a wondrous and beautiful land called Xanadu, where the great river Alp stretches through this wild and mysterious land. The title itself refers to the grandson of the vicious war Mongol, Genghis Khan. It is his palace, referred to as a pleasure dome, that is heavily described in the work. The towers of the structure are described to be “...girdled round:/And here were gardens…

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  • How Does Coleridge Use Of Naturalism

    sordid aspects of life”(Campbell, 2013). In the poem “Kubla Khan”, Coleridge writes about a man who experiences a place called Xanadu with all of its glorious beauty. The poem quickly takes a turn for the worse, and than again it becomes pleasant: In the first stanza of the poem, Coleridge writes about a beautiful place called Xanadu. In this “pleasure dome”, rivers ran through caverns, bright gardens grew, walls and towers “were girdled round” and there were sunny spots of greenery…

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  • Kubla Khan And Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Analysis

    In many stories and poems, there is always another story that is similar to or relates to that poem or story, but there are also many stories it completely differs from. Whether both stories or poems are from the same author or not they have similarities and differences. Kubla Khan and Rime of the Ancient Mariner are two poems that compare and contrast in the most touching way. Kubla Khan is the poem of Xanadu it is a poem that talks about the Kubla Khan and visions he has while listening to…

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