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  • Ming Dynasty Spy Agencies

    bodyguards). Each were created for its own purpose and to each agency. Eastern Depot was created by Zhu Yuan Zhang’s fourth son Zhu Di. Western Depot was created by Zhu Jian Shen, Ming Dynasty’s eighth emperor. The most famous Jinyiwei was created by Hong Wu Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang himself, it functioned as secret polices to stabilize the dynasty since the Ming Dynasty was just founded. Jinyiwei, literally meaning the “brocade-clad guard”. They were created in Hongwu fifteen years (1382),…

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  • Far East Religion

    Eightfold path to liberation, they have a Wheel of birth and death which is a guide to life. Nirvana is the goal of practice. Unlike the other religions, Jainism is non theistic with no soul to continue on or be reborn. Similarly, in Daoism, they practice wu wei (noninterference) which means the world is naturally in harmony and people must live in this harmony. The emperors created a Mandate of Heaven which justified their rules. Yijing is their classic text which they follow. One of their…

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  • Human Resource Management In Modern Enterprises

    enterprises’ core competencies. Good HRM will help enterprises create a better outcome. Works Cited: Anthony W P, Kumar K M, Perrewe P L, ZHAO Wei, XU Jianjun (Trans.), 2004, Human Resource Management: A Strategic Approach. Jin Yueqin, Liu Rui. 2009, Low-carbon Economy and the Transformation of the Economic Development Mode in China. Research of Economic Issues. Wei Jinxiu, Liu Xiu. 2006, Green Human Resource Management: A New Management Theory. Gansu Science and Technology Aspect. ME…

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  • Attitudinal Daoism I: Anarchism

    The Origins of Daoism It is explained in three different theories listed below. Attitudinal Daoism I: Anarchism Attitudinal Daoism II: Authoritarian Intuitionism Pre-Laozi Daoist Theory Much of the thrust of Daoism, as we have seen, naturally motivates a reaction against the moralistic and elitist inclinations of Confucianism. Confucianism stood for a rigid, detailed, traditional pattern of hierarchical social behavior. Duties were assigned to all of one's social roles—and a person typically…

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  • Aristotle's Views On Happiness And Virtue

    Aristotle believes in a definite correlation between happiness and virtue, stating that an ideal life culminates in happiness attained through virtue. He sets happiness as a goal / purpose that all people should try to achieve. Plato and Chuang Tzu give their ideas of what they believe is an ideal life and the means to achieve it. In Republic, Plato states that fulfilling the reasons of the soul and doing your duty as a citizen is an ideal life, and the ‘happiest’ of all is the Philosopher-Kings…

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  • Travelling Salesman Problem Analysis

    A COMPARITIVE STUDY OF NEAREST NEIGHBOUR ALGORITHM AND GENETIC ALGORITHM IN SOLVING TRAVELLING SALESMAN PROBLEM Ajaz Ahmed Khan Electronics and communication department SSGI FET Bhilai, India ajz70277@gmail.com Mrs. Himani Agrawal Electronics and communication department SSGI FET Bhilai, India Abstract—In this paper, we have used two algorithms, i.e. the Nearest Neighbor algorithm and Genetic Algorithm to solve the Travelling Salesman problem. The Travelling Salesman…

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  • Compare And Contrast Eastern And Western Religions

    as Indra, the God of the Sky or Brahman, who is the ultimate God. Taoists on the other-hand are pantheism. Pantheism is the belief that God and the universe are equivalent. The Tao Te Ching can be divided into five main parts. The Tao, Yin Yang, Wu Wei, The Sage and Te. The Tao according to Smith has three meanings, the way of ultimate reality, the way of the universe and the way of human life (Smith 198-99). The Taoists believe that the Tao is the universe therefore and the universe is the…

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  • Periodontitis And Preeclampsia Case Study

    Abstract: Purpose: To point out the possible relationship between Periodontitis and Mild and Preeclampsia in pregnant women and to correlate this to association to clinical and recommended periodontal considerations. Keywords: Periodontitis; Periodontal; Preeclampsia; Gingivitis Relationship between Periodontitis and Mild and Severe Pre-eclampsia in Pregnant Women Introduction: For a long time, maternal health has been identified as a critical determinant in trimming down the…

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  • The Shang Dynasty And The Bronze Age Of China

    The Shang and Zhou Dynasties were considered two of the greatest time periods in all of China. This was the period in time were China started to become a more civilized and technologically advanced culture and people as a whole. This period in Chinese history came to be known as the Bronze Age of China due to the archaeological find that the people of the Shang and Zhou Dynasty began to learn how to work bronze and create art and fashion tools and other useful items from it such as weapons and…

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  • Flowers Of Shanghai Theme

    people and in a constant struggle to prove himself to the Japanese without getting killed during the process. Ang Lee drew heavily from his evident sexuality, incorporating in the film a number of explicit and protracted erotic scenes between him and Wei Tang, who plays Wong Chia Chi. 14. Red Cliff (John Woo,…

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