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  • Google Translate Case Study

    In addition, in the evaluation of the translation produced by Google Translate, the extent of errors was considered as follows:  Whether the translation produced by Google Translate is wrong.  Whether Google Translate does not translate the word.  Whether Google Translate makes shift in translation, which may include addition, deletion, substitution, or ordering. According to Burt and Kiparsky (as cited in Brown, 2007) ″errors can be viewed as either global or local. Global errors hinder…

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  • I Felt A Funeral In My Brain Poem Analysis

    uses the word “Bustle” to convey two different meanings to the reader. She discerningly chose her diction in this passage and therefore, with a single word, is able to describe both the swift movements of people about the house as well as the bustling sound the womans’ dresses made as they walked. In addition, in her poem, “Much Madness is Divinest Sense,” she writes, “Assent-and you are sane- / Demur-you’re straightway dangerous- / And handled with a Chain-” (Lines 6-8) The use of the word…

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  • Zhang Guruo's Theory Of Zhang Guruo

    insight into translation. From four aspects his views will be illustrated in this paper: on faithfulness; on idiomaticness; on notes; on readers. On faithfulness, Zhang’s view is that “the content is like the matter and substance while the form like the words and expression. ” He has been in pursuit of idiomaticness for all his life. From the perspective of translation, he advances translating idiomatic originals into idiomatic Chinese. From the perspective of humanity, he advocates the…

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  • Analyzation Of The Biblical Text In Luke 14: 25-35 Summary

    want to listen. This is also a reference to how people can enter the kingdom of God and explains why he so harsh with his words. Then Jesus says, “does not hate”(Luke 14:26b-c) it parallels with “does not carry the cross” (Luke 14:27a) notice that both start with does not which gives a negative connotation. Hate is known to be a word of judgment and to many Hebrews this word was used for relationships between humans (Stuhlmueller 412). It is important to know that hate is the opposite of…

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  • Constituents Function And Function

    1. Introduction This paper presents a sentence to analyze how constituents function and the four test that can be used to prove the constituent. Linguist consider a constituent to be a structural unit made of a word or words that create the sentence and other phrases as well. In (1) the sentence that is analyzed and the constituents that are going to be tested are presented. Branches are used to show the boundaries that form the constituents. 1. Sentence and Constituents a. He might have been…

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  • George Orwell's Use Of Language

    Language has been around for many centuries in human history. Language is the basis for society as it gives human beings a tool to communicate their ideas and beliefs. The sheer effect of a word can implications from declaring a war to a way to profess one’s love; words can alter life. Language is developing social institutions because it provides different people the ability to comprehend the other group, which is crucial for any growth in a country. Without any way to express one’s ideas, one…

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  • Doubleppeak In William Lutz's The World Of Doublepeak

    According to Lutz, “it is a language designed to alter our perception of reality and corrupt our thinking” (352). In other words, Lutz believes that the intentional misuse and abuse of the English language is intended to deliberately manipulate and sway people in a direction that they would not normally take. My feelings are that if people do not know the difference between…

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  • Reading Module Essay

    passages. There are 3 passages, and after each passage there are 12 to 14 questions giving a total of 39 questions. There are usually 600 to 700 words in each passage. You have 60 minutes to complete this module. 2.2 Skills Required 1 You need to be able to scan for details. 2 You have to use clues associated with context to comprehend the meaning of words. 3 To be able to deduce inferences. 4 To understand and identify coherence. 5 To comprehend how the author defines certain ideas. 6 To…

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  • Importance Of Prepositions

    Preposition is a word or a group of words which brings out the correct relationship between a noun/pronoun or between a verb and a noun/pronoun or an adjective and a noun/pronoun. Prepositions are important structural words. They have been called, ‘hooking words’, since they are used to hook nouns, pronouns and word-groups on to preceding words and word-groups including sentences. The purpose of the hooking is to mark the relation of the noun, pronoun or word-group with another word or…

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  • America Needs Its Geeks Analysis

    When we think of the words nerd and geek, we think of a smart person with freckles and thick-framed glasses. They are usually bullied by the athletic people of a school and are at the lowest rung of the social ladder. But why do we also think about that same person being harmed and ridiculed? Why can’t we praise their intelligence and use it to improve our society? These questions are argued in Leonid Fridman’s “America Needs Its Nerds.” In order to do this, Fridman uses rhetorical strategies…

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