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  • Descriptive Essay: My Trip To Georgia

    chlorine dioxide drops. The taste was much better despite the water having no taste at all. The stench of sweaty polyester didn't exist either since I had switched totally to merino wool (I prefer Icebreaker merino wool from New Zealand) from head to toe before my trip in Georgia. (Yes, head to toe to include 100% merino wool hiking shorts and underwear. It may sound gross, but I tested a pair of underwear for a week and still no smell). However, in Georgia, I had made the mistake of…

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  • Peruvian Culture

    To all you shoppers, did you know that some of Vineyard Vines shirts are made in Peru? Peru has one of the best cottons and wools made from alpaca and llamas. Peruvians are pretty cool to, they have a lot of really cool customs that may be different some American culture. My family follows Peruvian culture all the way from the U.S. Many people don’t know much about Peruvian culture, but that’s about to change. First of all, you should probably know a little about Peru before we go into the…

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  • Roman Clothing Research Paper

    fabrics than those of today. Wool was the most commonly used fiber in Roman clothing and was likely the first material to be spun (“Clothing in Ancient Roman”). In early Rome, women spun the fleece into the thread and wove the cloth used to make Roman garments (“Roman Clothing”). Upper-class Romans did not weave their own wool; instead, they relied on their slaves to weave for them (“Roman Clothing”). The sheep of Tarentum were esteemed for their high quality of wool, so much so that the Romans…

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  • Essay On Medieval Clothing

    Daily life during the medieval period was based on one’s social class, whether they were rich or poor, and was dominated by the feudal system. During this time period, different types of clothing were being worn between both genders and different social classes. The materials that the clothing was made from was different based on one’s financial situation and the law. The meals that were eaten depended strongly on what was available and who the food was available to. Similar to the food…

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  • Victorian Era Dress Essay

    wear is how people will determine your wealth and also how classy you were. Men’s clothing has always been very classy and nice looking they were suits and ties every where they go and even at home they wear suits. Mens Pajamas were made of silk or wool for comfort. Men at work had to wear vest and flannels at work as their under clothing. Men wore vest every day they get up and put on a dress shirt and then a vest then the rest of the suit. Some time someone made the sleeping suit it was made…

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  • Informative Essay On Peta's Extremism

    PETA to the Extreme Extremism can be defined as; an ideology considered to be far outside the mainstream attitudes of a society or to violate common moral standards. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA, is a non-profit organization with the motto: “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment” (“The Issues”). PETA has expressed these extreme tendencies in many of their outlandish campaigns over the years. This evidence shows that PETA goes to…

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  • Chhurpi Case Study

    1.5. Chhurpi Chhurpi is of three types: Soft Chhurpi , Hard Chhurpi and Dudh Chhurpi (7) Soft Chhurpi is one of the most common traditional fermented food products in the house hold of the Sikkimese community. To the local this delicacy item is highly palatable and also replaceable to even the non-vegetarian food. Hard Chhurpi is sweet in taste and chewy. It is the most famous ethnic food highly relished by the tribal community. This type of Chhurpi are very hard and having low moisture content…

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  • Egg Chair Essay

    kids and can be used in their room. Kids will enjoy the style of pod chair and sit on them for the longer time so that mom can work. Fabric Chair: There can be many materials used to create chair but the quality chairs are made up of either wool or cashmere wool. So they can be used in office space for the employees. It is very useful for them for fitness reasons of having less back related…

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  • The Koeuroi: Statues In Greek Art

    The kouros and the kore were statues and sculptures in the Greek times. The kouroi were replicas of young males, which were always nude to represent “the conditioning and strength of the military forces of a particular polis.” (Sayre,53) The first kouroi had unique squared shoulders and hips and forward-facing legs which formed a since of movement. During the early 500’s the kouroi became more naturalistic and represented the human body more realistically, rather than their early forms in which…

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  • Stereotypes In Medea

    Women in Classical Athens (508 – 322 BCE) are usually portrayed as submissive and secluded to the house. Most of the evidence to support this theory is from writing. However, the issue is that most of the writing of the time was by men, who were usually biased against women. Most of them have a very negative attitude towards them. Euripides, Xenophon, and Aristophanes wrote about women, usually portraying them as submissive, housewives with little freedom. Euripides was a play write during the…

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