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  • Gender Inequality In Film Essay

    social and financial gender inequalities present amongst those working in the film industry, we can begin working towards amending this inequality so women have equal power and equal pay to men in big-budget films. We all know Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen, Steven…

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  • Importance Of Communication Style

    Communication techniques vary from person to person depending on personal choices, behavior, perception and philosophy. Furthermore, communication style is groped in four important categories namely; Emotive, Directive, Reflective and Supportive. Differences in style are due to the level preference of for sociability and dominance. Sociability generally relates to friendliness and dominance relates to control or influence. In a reflective style, the preference for both sociability and dominance…

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  • Manhattan Analysis Essay

    Planning As along with the rapid development of science and advanced technology, people’s life style in urban area is dramatically changed with the outstanding improvement of the urban planning and management. In the movie Manhattan directed by Woody Allen, described a romantic story of four people’s life in Manhattan, the importance of the urban planning to people’s urban life is obviously discovered by the main characters’ compliment and reliant feelings to the Manhattan. A city’s culture…

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  • Blade Runner: What Does It Mean To Be Human?

    What does it mean to be human? This is a question that has been fiercely and extensively debated over the years. Philosophers, scientist, preachers, among many others have all questioned what constitutes humanity. It can be argued that nearly every person has at least once in their life debated this question with another human. But what makes them human? Is it their ability to argue? What they wear and how they look? Maybe being human is defined by where you come from? All these questions…

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  • A Streetcar Named Desire And Blue Jasmine Character Analysis

    what we think it is and the tree is the real thing.” However simple these words may seem, this is perfectly epitomized by Tennessee William’s theatrical masterpiece, ‘A Streetcar named Desire’ to the modern adaptation ‘Blue Jasmine’ directed by Woody Allen. A streetcar named Desire and Blue Jasmine touch on the same themes and consequently share multiple similarities and scant differences between Blanche Dubois from ‘Streetcar named Desire’ and Jasmine from ‘Blue Jasmine’. In comparison to the…

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  • Western Film Analysis

    Fitting a film into a class, like the western genre, presumes that we have some general knowledge about it. Western films are more or less expected to be set in the western United States, sometime between 1860 and 1900, and include a conflict involving the east and the west. The western genre in particular is known for it’s traditional, crucial conventions—”ritualistic gunfights, black and white clothing corresponding to good and bad distinctions, revenge themes, typed villains and many many…

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  • College Is A Waste Of Time And Money Analysis

    Bill Gates and how he dropped out of Harvard to create Microsoft, one of the richest companies in the world. Of course Bill Gates was too smart for college, but there are a few other names who are doing better than adults with college degrees. Woody Allen was expelled from New York University and City College of New York. Steven Jobs, owner of Apple computers, left Reed College in Portland, Oregon, after only one semester and David Geffen, the founder of Geffen Records, flunked out of University…

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  • Spike Lee Jungle Fever

    Spike Lee was born on March 20, 1957, in Atlanta, Georgia, to William and Jacqueline Lee. His dad was a performer and arranger, and his mom was an instructor. While he was still a tyke, Lee's mom nicknamed him Spike for his sturdiness. His family moved to Chicago and after that to Brooklyn when he was to an awesome degree youthful, and a huge bundle of his films are set in Brooklyn neighborhoods like the ones in which he spent his childhood. His mom kicked the holder in 1977, and his dad later…

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  • Summary: Negative Effects Of Participation Trophies

    Negative Effects of Participation Trophies Participation trophies seem like a good idea for young children. To a child who needs a boost of confidence, enticing them with a potential award at the end of Little League season might keep them motivated to attend practices and contribute their talents in games. If handled properly, participation trophies could motivate young children to want to try other new experiences. The problems arise when the children are old enough to realize that…

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  • Spike Lee's Controversial Films

    cinematography, a sense of improvisation, characters directly addressing the camera—all wedded nevertheless to serious philosophical/sociological examination. The considerable comedy in She's Gotta Have It caused many critics to call Spike Lee the "black Woody Allen," a label which would increasingly reveal itself as a rather simplistic particularly as Lee's career developed. (Indeed, in his work's energy, style, eclecticism, and social commitment, he more resembles Martin Scorsese, a Lee mentor…

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