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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Photographer

    are a tennis player like myself. Tennis is a quick action game. Unlike photography there is no time where you can analyze all your shots. Once you get that wrong shot the next point is a spilt second away. In tennis the shot that you want to be the best is winner shot. A winner shot simply is a shot where your opponent cannot reach or get to. Tennis is action packed with every shot meaning something and isn’t a game where you can go back and mess with it like you can in photography. Tennis and…

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  • Bobbie Rosenfeld Influence On Women

    could show the men and others that didn’t believe in their skills, they deserved to be treated equally. Bobbie Rosenfeld was compassionate about a ton of things, but to her, there was nothing like sports. Lacrosse, Softball, Ice hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Speed Skating, and Track were all the sports Rosenfeld…

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  • College Athletes Are Underpaid

    In the sports of women’s professional tennis and U.S. college football, athletes can often times be constructed as a body with a talent in athleticism, and at the same time be neglected in the acknowledgment of their citizenship through discourses, language, and institutional networks. In the sport of U.S. college football the athlete that is constituted by the network of institutions discourses, and languages as an overworked and underpaid laborer who is denied their ability to exercise their…

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  • Mental Toughness In Netball Sport

    Introduction Sporting code of choice is Netball Netball is a sport played with a ball and two teams of seven players. Netball games are played on a rectangular court surface with two raised goal posts with rings on the top. The rings are used to shoot the ball in. Each player has a specific position to play on the court and certain players are restricted to a certain place. Each team has a Goal Shooter, Goal Attack, Wing Attack, Centre, Wing Defence, Goal Defence and Goal Keeper. A…

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  • High School Tennis Short Story

    High School Tennis Team The sun has just risen into the atmosphere where it creeps into the littlest openings of my worthless blinds. In my mind I feel a nuisance, a bothersome, due to the current deficiency of my restfulness. But I suppose that “everything in this life has a purpose” (Kübler-Ross). It was early on a Saturday morning; the weather was quite pleasant with the temperature ranging from the high sixties to the low seventies. I can feel the breeze coming from east carrying the…

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  • How Does Tennis Affect People

    Interest and Motivation: I chose the topic of how tennis affects people. When I first heard about this I-Search project, I immediately knew that I wanted to choose a topic that was related to tennis. Since tennis is one of my favorite sports, and I’m very passionate about it, I want to learn everything about this topic. I know that having tennis as a topic is too broad, so, I have decided to narrow it down. In sixth grade, I did a persuasive speech on the benefits of exercise. From that day on,…

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  • Best Tennis Player

    Selecting the best of the best in such a competitive sport like women's tennis is difficult to say the least. Yet again, there are those names that always come to mind when you think of this sport. They are the players that resisted the test of time in remaining at the top. The combination of good defense and offense positioned them at the highest in their times and helped them remain there for decades to come. Grand Slam titles There are four Grand Slams over the year: the Australian Open, the…

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  • Connection Without Hesitation Short Story

    Connection without Hesitation It was a pouring rain. I was invited to attend to a birthday party of a 10 year old boy. First, I stop by at Shopko to buy some gifts. Then headed to the place where the party will be held. Rose describe the place but I 'm not familiar. I Never been to that place but she said it was just across by the Library of Glasgow. We park in front of the building and rushed inside. There was loud funky disco music when I first step into the door while my husband behind me…

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  • Consumer Loyalty And Faithfulness

    of consumer loyalty and client reliability, investigating the elements influencing consumer loyalty, examining the constituent components of client dedication (attitudinal and behavioural) and why client steadfastness is seen as imperative for association like Door Supervisor in the UK. As per the examination point, confining of exploration targets will be set up so that further infiltration of the examination theme is contemplated. With the assistance of exploration targets, the sub-division of…

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  • Change In The Workplace

    Introduction: Change assumes an essential part in the achievement of an association. Change is one of only a handful couple of constants on the planet we live in. Associations start change when something is wrong or something is lost, generally there is no motivation to change. Each association is consistently stood up to by change. Change activity is activated because of changes in business sectors, rivalry, innovation, and client concerns. In the business environment changes happen on a…

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