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  • Informative Essay On Women's Basketball

    “The Mother Of Women’s Basketball” started…

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  • Soccer Lesson Plan

    In this learning segment I will teach the rules of the soccer game, dribbling, and passing. The rules will be taught in the station with flash cards, this is so the student 's can activity participate in a soccer game outside of school. Two soccer basics are dribbling and passing. The students will practice dribbling in and out of different cone patterns to mimic having to dribble around an opponent in a game of soccer. Passing is another important skill in soccer, students will practice…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Soccer Coach

    The United States of America Women 's Soccer team have outstanding players and have very qualified coaches, managers, and trainers. As I seen the USAWS team is currently looking for a head coach. I see myself as a very experienced and qualified applicant for this position with my background knowledge and experience. All throughout my life I have been playing soccer, which shows I have tons of playing experience. On the different teams I have played for we would have trainings, go to camps as a…

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  • The Perfect Shot In Soccer

    The Perfect Shot I can do this. I know I can. Everyone is counting on me. My friends, my family, and my team. I have to make this shot. I can't let them down. I won't let them down. To most people, taking a penalty kick in a soccer game is simple. All they have to do is kick a ball 12 yards just enough so that it crosses over a white line and rolls past the goalkeeper. However, it's not as easy as it seems. It can be this easy if players think positive instead of thinking negatively about…

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  • Why I Love Soccer

    My passion and the thing that drives me the most is soccer. I have grown up my entire life either watching, playing, or officiating. It has shaped me as a person due to the people I meet, the work ethic it inspires, and the team/ leadership role it demands. Through high school soccer, I have met many different people from all different ethnic and economic backgrounds. I have also attended Texas A&M soccer camp five years in a row, which has allowed me to meet people from all over the country.…

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  • Ehab Jawergy Research Paper

    As a student writing an interviewing essay for my English class. I interviewed Ehab Gawergy, who is my dad and a professional soccer player. Ehab is now 46 years old and has a family of 2 boys (Gerges and Beshoy) and his wife, Suzan. Ehab is from Cairo, Egypt and came with his family to the U.S in july of 2009. He now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his family. Ehab was a great soccer player and played as professional soccer player when he was twenty. Soccer to Ehab was not only a sport, but…

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  • Compare And Contrast Basketball And Football

    Basketball and football are both sports. They’re each played with two teams. A basketball team has five. A football team has eleven. Which one do you like playing more? In basketball, the object of the game is to dribble the ball and shoot it into the hoop. You move to drive around the defense. To move around them you can pass, dribble, or set a screen for the person that has the ball. For football, the object of the game is to run or throw the ball and try to get a touchdown. There is a…

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  • Personal Narrative: How To Establish A Soccer Team

    When I was in grade 10, my dream was to organize a soccer team with my classmates. Noticing that many of my classmates who loved soccer but had no chance to enter into the school team, I decided to organize a soccer team with my classmates. I did planning for three days and gave an inspiring speech before them. Soon, my soccer team was built up with 14 men, and I was elected to be the captain. We began to play soccer from a fundamental perspective, practicing elementary skills every morning and…

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  • Personal Narrative Soccer Team

    Soccer was one of my first loves in life, so when I was given the opportunity to pass this love on to someone else I jumped at the chance. During the spring soccer season of 2016 I was given the opportunity to coach a competitive U12 girls soccer team. The team consisted of fifteen girls between the ages of ten to twelve. I’ve played soccer for eleven years; in the past, I coached two recreational soccer teams. I figured I was up for the challenge of coaching a competitive soccer team.…

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  • Become A Professional Soccer Player

    Become a Professional Soccer Player It takes a lot of sacrifice to be a professional soccer player, people need to work hard because many players try but only a small percentage succeed. Players must work hard every day during training, not only on the field, but also off the field. Professional athletes, particularly soccer athletes, have to maintain a strict regime throughout their careers. There are numerous points that these people should be prudent and rigorous about. The biggest issue to…

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