Winter Olympic Games

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  • The Seven Wonders Of The Olympic Games

    the Olympic Games. Many countries meet together in competitions to show their strength in many different categories. Whether it is winter or summer, there’s always something to cheer about. Every four years we cheer for the United States in snowboarding, gymnastics, etc., but how many of us know about the very first Olympic Games? Not many people could tell you much about them, so that is what this article is about. The first recorded Olympic Games took place in Greece in 776 B.C. These games…

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  • Olympic Games Pros And Cons

    The Olympic Games is the world’s largest sporting display held during the summer and winter seasons on a four year cycle. The event is held in one city out of the entire world. On average, 10,000 athletes participate in about 300 events in the Summer Games and about 3,000 athletes compete in about 100 events during the Winter Games. The Olympics began in ancient Olympia, Greece from 776 BC through 393 AD. They were celebrated as a religious festival held in the honour of the Greek god, Zeus. It…

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  • Ecotourism In Chaimonix

    Calgary has a population of 1 million people which is one of the largest in Canada. COP was expanded during the Winter Olympics in 1988. This included ski jumps, bob sleigh, skeleton and luge (Ferguson). Then COP built hockey rinks and cross country ski trails. This contributes to the economic development COP as this attracts many different level skiers and snowboarders…

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  • Success And Success In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

    their dream of owning a farm, just as Jordyn Wieber had a commitment to competing at the Olympics. Similarly, Lennie and George and Jordyn Wieber must make sacrifices in order to bring themselves closer to success within their goals. George and Candy are displeased by the unfulfillment of their dream of owning a farm and Jordyn Wieber was discontented she could not fulfill her dream of competing in the Olympics. As seen in the examples of George, Lennie and Jordyn Wieber, the desire for…

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  • Ancient Greek Religion: The Influence Of The Olympic Games

    The Olympic games are an international sport festival that is watched by millions of people across the globe. These special games have developed into something much bigger than entertainment purposes. Instead, they have radically changed world culture by uniting all the people in the world with sport. Competitions featuring the world’s greatest athletes and cultures are present at this special occasion. Although, the games are founded to be cultural, emotional and entertaining, the leading…

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  • The Sexualization Of Women In Sports

    The Problem In the 2016 Rio Olympic Games there were "264 men and 294 women"(Meet Team USA) who competed for the U.S. Olympic Team. The number of women competing in athletics at every level is increasing, therefore it is important to note how women are portrayed and perceived in the media. There are issues to be brought up about the sexualization of female athletes particularly when compared to their male counterparts who are usually not sexualized. Women, as a whole, are sexualized and…

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  • Gapminder Case Study: Trendalyzer

    Gapminder is a non-profit venture that provides free statistics in visual forms of animated bubble chart, bubble map and mountain chart known as Trendalyzer. The Gapminder team creates surveys online using the survey software called SurveyGizmo to collect their data. It helped portray the data in a way that enable users to understand without being confused by the complicated conventional lines and bar graphs. Users can access the data straight from the website or download an offline version into…

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  • Brief Summary Of Unbroken

    Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, shares the incredible life story of Louis Zamperini who has truly done it all. His list of accomplishments range from being an olympic runner all the way to opening a nonprofit youth camp for boys. This novel takes place during World War II and offers an insightful glance into the lives of prisoners of war such as Louis Zamperini. Hillenbrand tells their powerful stories to show the perseverance of the Americans during this point in history. The story of Louis…

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  • The Effects Of The World Cup On Brazil

    The FIFA World Cup, or more commonly refered to as the World Cup is a global sports event that is organized once every 4 years. The most recent World Cup is hosted in the largest country in South America, Brazil, which is held from the 12th of June till the 13th of July of this year. The event has caused many troublesome effects on Brazil as a whole such as, rising inflation, decreasing jobs after the event, and spending government resources badly. According to Oxford English Dictionary,…

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  • Sports Role In Nation Building Essay

    Sport does play an important role in Nation building Introduction According to the Cambridge dictionary sport can be defined as “a game, competition, or activity needing physical effort and skill that is played or done according to rules, for enjoyment and/or as a job.”[1] Throughout history sport has been used as a binding tool that allows nations and its people to rally up along sports teams in support. This is an occasion where many people are bound together under a unifying cause. In this…

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