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  • Summary Of Journey To Work: Transnational Prostitution

    Journey to Work: Transnational Prostitution in Colonial British West Africa is an ambitious undertaking achieved by Saheed Aderinto. In this article, his main argument is that local social processes contributed to change the perceptions on the prostitution in Nigeria, and that prostitution network in Nigeria-Gold Coast flourished partly because men benefited of the remittance of women. But he also announces that his article adresses multiple other questions: « How did the attitudes of…

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  • Mali Empire

    the 14 hundreds,after the death of Musa, but totally fell apart and ended in the year of 1600 lasting 370 years, the lack of leadership after his death was the main reason it ended. Thesis Statement The Mali empire was the most dominate forces in Africa because of the strong leadership, which gave them access to a strong military, great organization, and a strong economy. Rise and Expansion After Sundiata Keita formed…

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  • Death In Nigeria

    Nigeria, a country with over 140 million people is located in West Africa. Nigeria has over 270 ethnic groups, each group has its custom, tradition and dialect. Although diverse in their way of live, Nigerians are unified by the language of death. For the sake of understanding, there are three major ethnic groups in Nigeria, they are the Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. Although rural-urban migration has caused us to live together, each ethnic group has its designated primary location. Although death…

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  • The Role Of Immunodeficiency Virus In West Africa

    Sadly, there is no cure for HIV. This virus can become deadly, but does have ways to control it. Without controlling the HIV, a persons T cells are destroyed, and the body can not fight off disease or infections. Where did HIV come from? In West Africa, scientists identified a chimpanzee as the source for HIV. They believe the chimpanzees were killed to eat, and the humans or hunters of the animal were put into contact with infected blood. The blood was infected with simian immunodeficiency…

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  • Rohingya Conflict

    The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic minority group that has lived in Myanmar for centuries. Today, more than a million of Rohingya people are living in Myanmar, mostly in the western coastal state of Rakhine. They use their own language, and they have their own culture. However, Rohingya people claim that they have a long historical connection to Rakhine State. There are many conflicts and clashes between the Rohingya and the government, as well as some other ethnic groups in Rakhine. When Myanmar…

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  • Operation One Cow Leg Case Study

    Background In Ghana—like it neighbors—mechanisms such as ethnic tensions, religious, political, and social problems persist. Despite these challenges, Ghana’s post-independence era evolved peacefully without a civil war or large scale conflict. In the past three decades, Ghana develops the enhanced capability to manage conflicting and competing social interests, allowing the country to pursue a peaceful economic development trajectory and a deliberative political discourse. In spite of Ghana’s…

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  • Igbo Culture In Nigeria

    surrounded on all sides by other tribes like Bini, Warri, Ijaw and etc (“Igbo People History”). The Igbo culture is very dynamic and fascinating and it says a lot about the Igbo people. Village life for the Ibo people is like many other villages in Africa but still unique (“Ibos People”). Ibos villages have anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand people (“Ibos People”). In an Igbo village everyone that live in that village is family. Family is a very important part of the Igbo culture.…

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  • Education: My Life In Senegal, West Africa

    I was born and raised in Senegal, West Africa. After my birth, my mother became sick and had to stay in the hospital. I went home with my paternal grandmother and never had the chance to live with my mother again. I waited for her, but she never took me back with her. I am currently 23 years old and have been living in the United States for four years now. Last year, my father did not file his taxes on time, and I was refused financial aid. I stayed in my room several hours a day crying and…

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  • How Does Senegal's Urban Culture Affect The Future Of Urban Life?

    usually urbanized, industrialized regions in cities, are the only locations capable of creating any form of income. This also leads to a change in the social structures of families, with the men working and their families in the countryside. South Africa used it because they used control of women as a way to control the whole black population. Senegal has a longer history of urban life, however, and it is not an entirely western concept to them, leaving women to have more room to maneuver…

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  • The Role Of Global Significance Of The Ebola Virus In West Africa

    country’s level of response to an outbreak of communicable disease depends largely on the said country’s economic capability. There is a strong correlation between economic wealth attainment and good health outcomes. The emergence of the Ebola virus in West Africa and the ensuring high death toll reaffirm this narrative. Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea are among the poorest countries in the world and had just emerged for armed conflicts. Their populations are economically deprived and they lack…

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