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  • How Did The Trans-Saharan Trade Affect West Africa

    Economical West Africa and North Africa is where the trans-Saharan trade took place. Trans-Saharan trade was very important. The Kingdom of Mali became unified because of the Trans-Saharan trade. Once a city state, the Kingdom of Mali grew into a prosperous trading city as trade became huge (Voyages in World History, Volume 1, 3rd edition, by Valerie Hansen and Kenneth Curtis, page 312). Social and political The Mali Empire was West Africa’s Ancient Empire. Western African Cities were a…

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  • Factors Influencing The Practice Of Female Circumcision In West Africa

    2.2.4 Factors influencing the practice of FGM. Different races and cultures have a variety of reasons for carrying out FGM. In West Africa, this may be related to different ethnic and tribal cultures, family relations, tribal connections, class, economic and social circumstances, and education etc. (Ahmadi &Amir, 2013). Amongst the factors that encourage families to circumcise their daughters is the family’s concern about the girl’s inability to marry if she is not circumcised (Dorkenoo, 1995).…

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  • Ebola In West Africa

    The Spread of Ebola in West Africa Nancy V. Jaime National University Abstract The Ebola virus has become an epidemic spreading throughout West Africa including Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. The Ebola virus has killed thousands of people and infected millions of families including children. The natural reservoir for Ebola virus is derived from fruit bats and the transmission to humans is likely to be from bush meats, and direct human contact via bodily secretions (blood, saliva,…

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  • Deforestation In West Africa

    global issue that impacts a wide range, including human and animal life ultimately leading to the destruction of a sustainable, diverse ecosystem. Agriculture, the leading cause of deforestation is a major issue in some parts of the world, including West Africa. Agriculture is a major land use and is constantly growing. Roughly 50 percent of the world’s…

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  • Imperialism In West Africa

    and Christianity. Postcolonial independence must be in the hands of literate and civilized men who understood constitutional law and practice and who could easily relate with and understand the politics of world economy. The educated elites in West Africa saw African history as irrelevant and useless. They saw its history as deplorable in the past, could do nothing for the present and the future would forget it. The acknowledged African chiefs found this deeply offensive and argued that the…

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  • Islam In West Africa Essay

    a time to convey a message to the people that was Islam. The influence that came out of it was not a small one, and a lot of countries were seen better of because of it. West Africa was one of the places in which Islam was not only spread but also had a huge influence. And if anyone looks closely and sees that the time West Africa began to change for the better then they would see it was the same exact time Islam was introduced to them. These changes were only in religion but also in many other…

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  • The Importance Of Regolith In West Africa

    or geophysical survey, or mineral exploration campaign. At most scales, West Africa remains poorly covered by regolith landform maps such as those commonly used in Australia…

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  • Dumping In West Africa Essay

    Dumping defines as “the practice of exporting to other countries products that have been banned or declared hazardous in the United States.” (Barry, V. 2014) One of the examples is the E-waste dumping in Africa. According to an article on PC World, “European Commission and U.N. studies show that West Africa is becoming a disposal site for e-waste from various parts of the world.” (Malakata, 2015) It also indicates that “The careless disposal of electronic equipment can cause significant health…

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  • Ebola Outbreak

    Ebola: a word that for many triggers a somewhat distant memory back to 2014 when the whole world was up in arms about it spreading and becoming a pandemic. This incident of outbreak in West Africa shows how far we have come as a world, technologically and medically, but also how far we still have to go. The severity of the outbreak was completely avoidable, however due to the disregard of certain factors not usually associated with disease, such as cultural practices, it became an epidemic. In…

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  • The Importance Of The Ebola Virus

    there have been an additional ten outbreaks of the virus worldwide. As of 2014, The West African Ebola outbreak was the largest and deadliest recorded in history, killing over 11,000 people. The Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) is responsible for the global urgent call response. The troubling question is, at what extent will GHSA respond to aid a disease epidemic? Many lives could have been saved in West Africa if there was an urgent response to the virus outbreak. The Ebola virus disease…

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