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  • Freshman Orientation Case Study

    many times you thought, “That’s just too much to take in a short time”? Orientation becomes more and more important when a campus is increasing the diversity of its student body. I have gathered some information of the problems exist with orientation week. I will also analyze these questions and give some workable solution to improve our orientation experience for both local and international students and make our college better position. To begin, here is a list of problems caused by parts of…

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  • Fall Break Reflection

    This week was a little difficult not because of school because it is the week before fall break. Last year, did not have fall break due to basketball, but this year I did. (The week of September the twenty- sixth to October the second.) My mind was not on anything school this entire week, but I knew if I wanted my behavior to stick I would have to keep it up. The week was not that bad. All my teacher were taking notes and just getting ready for mid-terms after fall break. Thursday we had project…

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  • My Search Essay

    The Story of My Search As I began planning for the name research paper my English teacher gave me, I was not exactly sure what I would get out of it. The topic of the essay didn’t exactly speak to me because I already knew how I got my name and the meanings of it, so I did not know if I would learn something new. But as I began to research the meanings of my names, I realized that there is a lot more to a person’s name. In the first week of our research, we went to the library, and I used…

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  • How Did Little Tokyo Influence Japanese American Culture

    of land, rich with cultural and social history, a hotspot for tourists and Los Angeles natives alike, a landmark of Japanese American society right in the center of downtown Los Angeles. With its roots tracing as far back as the 1880’s, even to this day it continues to bring in and entertain tourists daily, with its small town charm and many interesting and exciting attractions. Little Tokyo serves as a hub for Japanese culture and tradition, new and old. The town has seen many years worth of…

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  • Case Study: SFU Fashion Week

    Day #3: SFU Fashion Week Females and fashion were terms that practically go hand in hand. The practice of clothing consumption was typically regarded to being a female issue however in modern society, men in the fashion industry have become more widely accepted. Historically, men were known to be the producers to motivate women to consume (Blakewell, Mitchell, & Rothwell, 2006). At season three of SFU Fashion Week, while a majority of the guests attending were female, there were an ample…

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  • Men's Fashion Cloths Essay

    On the off chance that the period of Renaissance was described by expanded gentility in men's cloths, the end of the twentieth century turned into the snippet of maximal uncovering of manliness for men. These days, character has brought a considerable measure of particular changes in the view of a contemporary man. An open sign of sexual introduction has brought the picture of a ladylike man into fashion. The adjustment of ladylike inclinations into men's fashion…

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  • Blackness In Pop Culture

    We asked 13 voices in fashion, including stylists, designers, performers, and academics, to share their opinions on fashion’s appropriation of urban street style. What’s at stake when Miley kicks it in Jordans? When James Franco wears rows that riff on RiFF RAFF? When Brooke Candy is photographed by Terry Richardson with a gold tooth? When Hood By Air becomes a Style.com darling? Or when Rick Owens hires an American step team to model his Paris défilé? Should anybody be allowed to wear anything…

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  • Rachel Ritfeld Research Paper

    ABOUT Rachel Ritfeld is born in Suriname, South America and is of mixed Indian and Black Caribbean heritage. She moved to Belgium at age 10 with her mother who worked for the Surinamese Embassy in Brussels. It was here, that Rachel was scouted on the streets of Brussels by a model scout who signed her at age 15. Rachel was instantly in love with the catwalk. Keen to get an education, she moved to Brighton in England at age 17 to go to University where she majored in Social Anthropology at the…

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  • The Namesake Film Analysis

    receiving an uncommon name, Gogol, at birth. Despite having such a simple premise, The Namesake shows the significance a name holds in both Indian and foreign, specifically American societies, and the varying impacts it has on both communities. Unlike names in American culture, names in India hold great importance since they are not just a verbal affiliation, but also a description of a person’s…

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  • Case Study Business In Vietnam

    How To Successfully Do Business in Vietnam PROBLEM This report was made to analyze the business environment, business practices, and the business etiquette of the country of Vietnam. This report intends on answering the following questions: 1) What is the business environment in Vietnam like? 2) The common business practices in Vietnam businesses? 3) What is considered proper business etiquette in Vietnam is? BACKGROUND Innovated Global Management commissioned this study and report…

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