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  • Pros And Cons Of Concealed Weapons On Campus

    The pros of concealed weapons on campus First of all, there are a lot of restrictions that are placed on people who have the permits. The holders must be of 21 years of age, passed an extensive background check up by the local law enforcers. The consent does not allow for any of the license holders not to be intoxicated when in campus. Each and every person who is issued with a permit to carry concealed weapon in campuses are all known to be responsible people in the society and they are…

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  • Essay On Greek Weapons

    Greek Weapons and Armor The Greek armor and weapons were when and where most modern weapons and armor originated from because the Greek were the ones that had created the most primitive method of crafting these weapons and armor. One of the most noticeable items that were brought over into modern times was the sword. The blade of the sword was straight, double-edged, and pointed. (Sword 1) The blade was formed by repeated firing and striking of the metal at red-hot temperatures. The heating of…

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  • Essay On World War 1 Weapons

    encouraged everyone to make weapons of destruction in order to win. This common task will be on what I find fascinating about World War One, and what I find fascinating are all the weapons used during this war. Here I will be naming Three different kinds of weapons used during the war and different facts about them along with what I think is interesting about them. One of the three weapons I find interesting is called a Machine Gun. Some information I found on “HistoryNet Weapons of World War…

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  • Essay On The Ethics Of Unmanned Drone Weapons

    Introduction Recent developments in technology have made possible the creation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are capable of operating at high altitudes for extended periods of time. These UAVs are capable of deploying precision guided weapons, and can be controlled remotely from the other side of the world. This means that American UAV pilots are able to kill with the push of a button from thousands of miles away. In addition to these advancements are developments in artificial…

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  • Banning Assault Weapons: Article Analysis

    issue of banning assault weapons/military-style weapons. One the one hand some argue “that big, scary military rifles don’t kill the vast majority of the 11,000 Americans murdered with guns each year. Little ones do” (Beckett). On the other hand, however others argue that they do and that the weapons need to be banned. According to Beckett Bill Clintons ban on the manufacturing of assault rifles in 1994 showed little change in the death rates due to the use of assault weapon. Beckett states…

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  • Abolishing Nuclear Weapons

    Nuclear weapons have been around for less than 100 years and yet they are the central focus around war and violence as more and more countries are implementing nuclear weapons in their main military strategies. In 1938, 3 chemists in Berlin discovered the power to construct nuclear weapons when they split the uranium atom (cite). In 1939, physicist Albert Einstein, concerned about the rise of Hitler, sent a letter to President Theodore Roosevelt warning him of this discover and the…

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  • Nuclear Weapon Debate

    of deployed nuclear weapons”. In this debate he spoke about why we should reduce our nuclear weapon and what it will be cause of reducing it. He also mentions that military civilian leaders have make plan to reduce nuclear weapons, the main question is what if United State reduce nuclear weapon and what will be consequences for nuclear weapon reduce. In the book of “Spread of Nuclear weapon” Scott D. Sagan also said that we should worry if United State have more nuclear weapon and the reason he…

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  • Nuclear Weapons Cons

    Nuclear weapons have been prevalent in world society since WW2, however they also haven’t been used since the end of WW2 so it is questioned to what extent they are useful in society nowadays. Do they act as a good deterrence for to keep the peace between feuding nations, or do they cause more harm than good as at any point a ‘button’ could be pressed and world annihilation could happen? Supposedly the cold war was supposed to be the ending of the tension between the east and west however in…

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  • The Benefits Of Nuclear Weapons

    Nuclear weapons have been in the world’s possession since 1945, almost 70 years ago. In those 70 years, nuclear bombs were launched twice at the same target—Japan—by the same attacker—the United States. For being used so little times, is it really worth keeping these arms, especially taking in the costs? How do the nuclear deterrence finances affect countries with nuclear weapons? Considering the lack of use for the defenses, it is economically unwise to continue funding the production of…

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  • Precision Weapons Essay

    Precision weapons have been around since the Civil War and have been evolving ever since. Ever since the development of such weapons, soldiers have been more effective in the battlefield, while also reducing collateral damage. Everyday more and more precision weapons are being made and used around the world. In today’s wars, precision weapons are a normal thing, which have made wars much cheaper and quicker. The development of precision weapons has changed the outcomes of many wars throughout…

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