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  • Food Fad Show Study Guide

    Hello and welcome to The Food Fad Show. Today we’re talking about food waste. Did you know that globally, we waste around one third of the food we produce. One third! Can you believe that? Here in the UK, we get rid of 7.2 million tonnes of food every year – more than half of which could be eaten safely. That’s enough food to fill Wembley Stadium … not once, but seven times per year. {Sound of audience reaction, e.g. “Wow!”} Host: Joining me here in the studio we have the Taylor family. A year…

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  • Florida Sugar Field Deforestation

    pollution. Coastal fishing guide Mike Connor said, “his business is off 50 percent this year because of the algae blooms” (Guest 2015). The sugar fields are discarding waste in the surrounding freshwater watercourses and the contaminated water flows into the saltwater canals throughout south Florida from the levee runoffs. The rest of the waste is thrust into canals joined to both the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie rivers, sending numerous of hundred billion gallons a year of phosphorous laden…

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  • Case Study: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

    Problem Statement The purpose of this inquiry is to investigate the topicof debris in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, with the main focus being the detrimental effects of plastic waste matteron sea birds.Scientists estimate that 90% of seabirds have consumed plastic debris (ChrisWilcoxa, 2015). The ingestion of plastic debris in seabirds can lead tostomach obstruction and death (Chris Wilcoxa, 2015). The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a large mass of floating garbage in the Pacific Ocean that…

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  • The Importance Of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

    use unnecessary plastic there would be less plastic and garbage around to worry about. People use and waste plastic so much that they do not even realize how much they are really using. Recycling is a huge thing because it can save so much waste positively and help our planet survive, society needs to stop making so much garbage and waste it is bringing the planet down. “We need to reduce waste and come up with new, biodegradable alternatives to plastic. But one of the easiest steps is changing…

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  • Food Safety Research Paper

    Physical Physical hazards usually result from accidental contamination or poor food handling practices. Naturally occurring objects such as bones can also be found. The common physical hazards are: Glass, metal, plastics, stones, wood, insects and hair. Hard or sharp objects can cause choking, cuts to the mouth or throat, damage to teeth or gums and the intestines. Physical hazards in food can trigger a food recall, which may affect your business. It is important to take precautions to…

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  • Great Pacific Garbage Patch Research Paper

    debris in this area is from human use, disposal, littering, dumping, etc. Most of the plastic actually comes from land and not ships, as some might assume. In fact, only about twenty percent of oceanic waste comes from ships. The main sources are manufacturing products, management of trash, and improper waste disposal (EPA, 2011). Through air and sea currents, any plastic item can become litter and eventually end up in the patch region. Plastic bags, often found in stores of every kind, are…

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  • The Cause Of Ocean Pollution

    The water stay brown, Gotta move out of town Did you ever want to go swimming in a place where rubbish is literally 90% of the ocean? If not then there are gonna be changes to come, because as of now it has been recorded that nearly 10,000 tons of rubbish have been dumped into the oceans, not including all the oil spills that have occured. All this pollution to the marine life has been not only ruining human lives, but marine mammals lives, eventually leading up to their deaths. Countries all…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis On Choosing A Lifeboat

    Choosing the right passengers. In the passage the lifeboat you are asked to choose 10 poor people swimming in water to save. The lifeboat holds up to 60 people and 50 seats are already taken by the wealthy. How do you choose what passengers to let in the boat? How can you put a value on another person life and how does society view the rich vs the poor? My Personal opinion vs overpopulation, and should a law be passed as to how many children a poor person can have to stop overpopulation, and…

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  • Jacinto River Pollution

    Yes, the foundation did do things to lower the chances for people to get cancer but this proves that they had some idea or hunch about the waste spilling into the river that was causing children to obtain cancer. But the things they did didn’t make the people of the town feel any safer than before when they had a theory of their home river being polluted for example one of the few precautions…

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  • Relationship Between Sustainability And Economics

    change the habits gradually for we and our descendants. This project was a motivation for me. So, I will start it from now on; carpool with friends, turn off the lights when I do not stay at home, buying enough groceries only I need, trying to reduce wastes, and reduicing the amount of water I…

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