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  • George Washington A Hero's Farewell Analysis

    Times may be changing, but traditions hold true. Said best by the first father of our country, “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master.” President George Washington understood the discipline, consistency, and lucidity requisite to consolidate a growing nation. Undeniably, his sharp mind and innate governance sustained a widespread sense of triumph, pride, and purpose among citizens that we Americans have long…

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  • George Washington: A True American Hero

    George Washington is a name that is held in high regard throughout the United States. He is arguably the most beloved of our Founding Fathers and is still celebrated as a national hero. It is not surprising when one considers the fact that he was both the general that led the Continental Army to victory in the American Revolution and was our first president. He also holds the distinct honor of being the only president to be unanimously elected. The newborn nation that had just broken away from…

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  • Creative Writing: Dinner With George Washington

    dinner with George Washington because I want to hear about all of these accomplishments and how it was like being the very first president of the United States. George Washington was the last soldier standing out of 86 soldiers. He was also the only surviving soldier of the militia army. There seems to be a story that described him as “bullet proof president”, and that is what interests me into meeting Mr. Washington. During his lifetime was called “father of his country.” Washington forced the…

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  • George Washington: A Multi-Faceted Man

    “[George] Washington possessed the superb self-confidence that comes only to those men whose inner life is faint” (William E. Woodward). When people look of George Washington, they see a tall, commanding figure that led an army to victory in the Revolutionary War. But is that all that was going on? Was George Washington more than the eye can see. Take a look and see what there is to find. George Washington was a multi-faceted man whose presidency is quite interesting, but his life before the…

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  • How Did George Washington Influence The Government

    George Washington George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland, Virginia. He received a small education at home and a small work education among the planters and backwoodsman he associated with. From these men he learned farming and surveying. He was a natural leader and was appointed a field marshal in the colonial militia by the time he was 21, taking part in the first battle of the French and Indian War. In the French and Indian War, he made his way up the ranks. During…

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  • George Washington: An Important Character In US History

    George Washington George Washington, how did he become such an important role character in US history? What paths did he have to take in order to become one of the most recognizable men in North America? Just try to imagine what would happen if he had given up the war, would we be still under British control, slaves under the foot of a destructive king? Even when the British army seems to hold it all Washington never loses hope, he let his feeling of independence and growth shown by his…

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  • John Trumbull's Portrait Of General George Washington

    John Trumbull was born into a wealthy and politically grounded family stemming from Connecticut. He was recognized in his early twenties for his ability to accurately draw maps by General George Washington. Despite the fact of the Revolutionary War, in 1780 the young painter was able to travel to London to study under the master artist Benjamin West. As described by Stuart Murray “Trumbull was especially drawn to West’s historical paintings… were the kinds of pictures Trumbull most loved to…

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  • The Whiskey Rebellion In The American Journey By George Washington

    “Washington knew the acts of the new government would be the first of everything, in our situation.” (A letter to James Madison from Washington, The American Journey, page 253.) After Washington’s oath he has many responsibilities, that under the constitution, he deals with for the country. George Washington faces many challenges and sets many precedents, or traditions, that will influence every future presidents. The government faces the challenge of the Whiskey Rebellion . According to The…

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  • What Makes George Washington A Good President

    The United States First President Jessica Vandeventer George Washington was the first President of the United States. His first term started in 1789, just after the fail of the Articles of Confederation. After the Articles of Confederation failed the founding father got together to fix them, but instead created the Constitution and a new form of government. They created this new for of government intending George Washington to become the President. The position was made with him in mind because…

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  • Why Was George Washington A Great Leader?

    George Washington the first president of The United States, mainly known as that. Most people just assume Washington was born a great leader and yes he was but, we need to know what made him so great. A militia position and quick promotion found 21-year-old Washington fighting in the French and Indian War. He basically sent his men straight into a massacre and witnessed their death’s first hand, he made every mistake and felt the shame rise with in and realized that history has it’s eyes on him.…

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