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  • Donald Justice In George Eliot's Poetry

    Donald Justice was born on August 12, 1925 in Miami, Florida. He was an American poet and teacher of writing. He grew up in Miami and studied there. He was married to Jean Ross and they had one son. His enthusiasm for music was number one when he was a child. He studied piano and music as a student at the University of Miami even though he received a graduated degree in English literation. Justice presents a point of view on his poetry writing that seems a key to understanding this important…

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  • Process Memo Sample

    Process Memo I came up with the idea for “beautiful and serene” after thinking about the memories I’ve made with my Dad. This is because I realized that whenever I write a piece about him, it seems almost intricate, yet effortless. Moreover, I chose that specific memory because it was one filled with action and it gave the reader a brief view into my family dynamic. The way my Dad reacted to my antics are indicative of his character. Also, this poem changed the least from draft to draft because…

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  • Ode To My Socks Poem Analysis

    audience. The message that flows out of this poet is what is going through his mind. With this, he discusses how life is, and how to live it too. Even though this literature is a poem, it is actually sounding like a song type of meter known as a villanelle. Notably, Theodore Roethke uses the first stanza of the poem twice. The metaphor he is trying to imply in, “I wake to sleep” is that it means life and death, which is the beginning to end of a human soul. The fate he is mentioning is how…

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  • Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night And Margaret Atwood's

    Margaret Atwood’s “Flowers” and Dylan Thomas’s “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” are similar in which both themes revolve around the death of a father. Both authors use symbols to strength what they are trying to say. For example, in Atwood’s poem, she compares the dying of her father to dying flowers. When she talks about cutting the dead stems of the flowers, she writes, “... [I] put them in a jar I brought from home, because they don’t have vases in this hotel for the ill.” She uses…

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  • Response To One Art Poem

    In Response to One Art The poem that I have chosen for review is “One Art” (Strand and Boland, pg.11-12), written by Elizabeth Bishop. This particular poem focuses on the simplicity of loss. Specifically, on how easy it is to lose and then move on. Despite the unimportant losses presented in some of the items mentioned, I felt as though the core message of the poem was that it’s easy to lose those around you despite your caution, and eventually, one must learn to move on. A particular line in…

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  • Keith Douglass Poetry Analysis

    Negradas, Rouvinn Uy BA Communications Arts 4 2010-67914 Lit21B An Analysis on the Collection of Poems by Keith Douglas Most of Douglas’ poems are confessional and direct. While reading his poem it seems that he is taking my imagination to the precise moment when he was writing it. This precision leads the reader to examine his personal experiences and memories but at the same time it is not ever expressive of intense emotions. One of the many evidences in which he takes his…

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  • Euphemism In Hudgins's Poems

    The speaker further highlights the eagerness and positivity of his father towards death, "I think he wants to go,/ a little bit – a new desire/ to travel building up, an itch/ to see fresh worlds" (Hudgins 6-9). In addition, the speaker knows that his father has a positive outlook on death because of what heaven promises. Further evidence supports, as the speaker uses yet another euphemism for heaven, "to travel building up" (Hudgins 8), we can see how far he distances himself from his father 's…

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  • Bell Jar Personification

    Sylvia Plath, knowledgeable beyond her years, had many complications with her mental health as she grew up. This poem in particular was introduced to the public through a biographical introduction of her novel “The Bell Jar”. Through the villanelle structure, Mad Girl’s Love Song uses seemingly endless repetition, dark personification, and references to mythological creatures to touch base with the complications of the human mind, the toxicity of mental illnesses and disorders, and beyond…

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  • A Mother In A Refugee Camp Analysis

    Death is a huge part of life. Everyone experiences it at least once in their lives. It can affect different people in various ways, some may choose to ignore it, some may get vigorously torn apart by it and others chose to fight it with the utmost of powers. This is shown in the key poems ‘War Photographer’, ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ and ‘A mother in a refugee camp’. All of these poems show particular differences in their attitudes towards death; which is also seen in the further…

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  • Analysis Of The Poem Where Did The Handsome Beloved Go

    This poem is a villanelle, a traditional form of repetition. Speaks on “losing” or the loss of something as an “art”. This poem is 19 lines with five stanzas with an ABA rhyming scheme. Then one stanza with four lines of a quatrain. Both poems themes are focus on lost and…

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