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  • Does Violence In Video Games Influence Violent Behavior

    in Video Games Influence Violent Behavior? The video game industry is the fastest growing entertainment industry the world has ever seen. In 2015, it was worth over $90 billion, more than double the international film industry. But video games have also become one of the most polarizing forms of entertainment or media to date. Their fans love them and simply cannot get enough, while their detractors’ ire seems to know no end. As with any form of media that contains violence, video…

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  • Why Do Video Games Kill People?

    to immerse themselves in video games, the public and the media would blame it all on the game producers saying “these games are responsible, you must pay”. This can go on no longer; people must know the truth about video games and their effect on children and youths before grabbing their pitchforks and torches and going after the people who made these games. In the DC navy yard shooting the gunman who killed twelve people and injured three more loved to play video games, so naturally the media…

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  • The Influence Of Aggressive Behavior

    Many argue that there is a relationship between violent video game players and physical aggression towards peers (Markey, P. M., Markey, C. N., & French, J. E. 2014). There are numerous reasons that violent videogames are thought of as aggressive and detrimental tools. One being, that playing a video game is an active process where other media consumption is passive (Markey, P. M., Markey, C. N., & French, J. E. 2014). This argument…

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  • Health Benefits Of Modern Culture

    Whether modern culture is ruining children or benefiting is a topic that has under debate a lot in recent years since critics have started questioning on its health and psychological impacts on children. These questions will inevitably force us to decide whether the good effects of modern culture are significant enough to overshadow the bad. Undoubtedly, they are not, since using electronic devices at young age erodes brain development as well as many other health issues. Some people might say…

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  • Greg Ruth Why Horror Is Good For You Analysis

    Greg Ruth wrote an essay about how horror is beneficial for kids, appropriately named “Why Horror is Good for You (and Even Better for Your Kids)”. He explains how horror for kids has slowly been diminishing at the children’s expense. He argues that kids today are sheltered and not introduced to horror the way that they used to be. In this process, kids have not been taught to enjoy being scared. Ruth describes his own love for horror and how he, himself enjoys scaring people in his comics like…

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  • Violent Video Games Cause Violence Essay

    Violent video games causing violence Millions of people play video games every day. The thought that they might cause violence is disturbing and also an interesting concept. It should be noted that exposure to violence is nothing new to society. For centuries people attended public executions with the whole family or went to cadaver dissection viewings. Violence has existed in literature since people created the written language (Goldfein). In the year of 2013 a naval yard shooting occurred in…

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  • Video Games Promote Violence

    Recently, there has been an interesting topic being argued over. The issue that has stirred much controversy recently, is if video games promote violence in the users. Many scholars, as well as professional organizations have dove deep into researching the topic. As expected, there are two sides to the argument. On one side, there is a group of individuals who strongly believes that violent videogames promote violence in the users. While on the other side, there is a vast majority of individuals…

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  • Video Game-Related Massacres

    Perhaps most disturbingly, the mainstream news did not limit their inaccurate coverage of video game related massacres to the 1990’s. While it may be fair to say that the news of the 90’s were simply covering a new and potentially dangerous phenomenon, in an attempt to inform the public, they still continue to inaccurately cover massacres, particularly the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Just a few days after Adam Lanza committed massacre, several news outlets in the UK ran the…

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  • Video Game Violence And Youth Violence

    with the concern of video game’s being a huge issue for children, due to the creation of violence in video games. Many parents believe that their children are learning these violent issues due to these games, but most of us could agree that it doesn’t affect the youth at all. Americans today tend to believe that video game violence causes a strange behavior to teenagers including the youth. It is founded in Grand Theft Childhood: “The Surprising Truth about Violent Video Games and What Parents…

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  • Do Violent Video Games Contribute To Violent Behavior

    Research Question: Do violent video games contribute to violent youth behavior? Introduction As the media has been rapidly integrated into society, many inquiries have emerged that question its negative influence. The media is seen as very beneficial by those who are exposed to it because it provides hours of entertainment in many forms, the most prominent of which are movies, television programs, and video games. The latter is a somewhat recent favorite, and many studies have focused on the…

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