Video game controversy

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  • Why Do Video Games Cause Violent Behavior?

    saying video games promote and directly cause violent tendencies is not the whole truth. Videogames can be therapeutic to some and a source of happiness to many others. While videogames can be very violent, some to an extreme extent this is not all video games. Along with the fact that not everybody will react to violence the same way, and If i may speak from my own personal exp. I will say that i have never seen one of my friends or myself change our behavior while playing video games in a…

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  • Children And Video Games Cheryl Olson Analysis

    been floating around in parents heads: “How are all those video games my child is playing effecting him”. Ever since the invention of the first arcade machine. We have research, but that continuously changes because society continues to change. Cheryl K. Olson in “Children and Video Games: How Much Do We Know?” and Emily Hughes in “Effect of Video Games on Child Development” both had the same opinions on the topic. In “Children and Video Games: How Much Do We Know?” by Cheryl K. Olson there…

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  • Should Video Games Be Considered A Sport Essay

    Video games do or have everything that is required to be considered a sport yet they are not considered one. Chess is a sport so why can’t videogames be considered a sport. Chess is labeled a sport because you have to use your mind to think of different ways to counter your opponent’s attempts to take out your king. In a video game scenario you have to analysis a screen, pick different routes to take to flank or outsmart your opponent. Video games require you to counter your opponent’s moves to…

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  • Violent Video Games Arguments

    Violent video games have been a controversial topic for as long as they have been produced. Experts argue that they promote violent behavior in the people that play them. There are many strong arguments on both sides of the issue, but the strongest arguments are adamant that there is no link between violent video games and violence. Violent video games are not the source of violence in people that play them. The evidence to support the accusations against violent video games are not vivid…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Guns And Games By John Glynn

    In his article, “Guns and Games,” John Glynn argues that people have incorrect beliefs about video games because the media blames them for the acts of violence happening in the United States. He shows the cognitive, motivational, and emotional benefits that come from playing these games. He also tells the reader that the media should be blaming the violence on the situation with guns in this country instead of the “scapegoat,” video games. His argument is very effective at convincing the readers…

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  • Rhetorical Strategies In Daniel Greenberg's Article

    Such as, his back ground description proclaims that “he chairs the committee of violence and social issues for international game developers association…” and he also “is a freelance video game designer and design consultant” (Greenberg 454). Considering this, Daniel Greenberg is knowledgeable in this topic, since he works first hand at developing games, and defending them. Another way Greenberg is about to gain his credibility in this article is because he has also indicates that scholars…

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  • How Do Video Games Affect Society

    Video Games Video games have two sides that can have a large effect on society. My 10 year old step brother plays video games, the choices of video games are both positive and negative. He can be okay while playing Football, Minecraft, and Animal Jam, but when he chooses to play killing games he tends to become disrespectful to everyone in the household. Although the media often associates video games with violence, this common stereotype is often defunct by the countless amount of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Visual Metaphor

    I discovered my first visual metaphor after i had gotten out of the shower this morning. I shut the water off, hopped out of the shower and grabbed a hanging towel from the wall. Because of this exercise i was keeping an eye out for everyday items that struck me as something familiar. As soon as i pulled the towel off of its hanger it appeared to me that a whale had just jumped out of the water. The whale was all submerged except for its tail. In the picture it looks to me like you can even see…

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  • Child Aggression Research Paper

    on society. From the first game ever created, “Spacewar”, to the more complex videogames that involve the concept of virtual reality; videogames consume a large amount of time. Some researchers’ belief that the content in the videogame affects and shapes how we behave and act around people. An initial attempt at proving that children will imitate what they see was demonstrated by Albert Bandura a psychologist, conducted an experiment that involved showing children a video of adults showing…

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  • Causes Of Violent Video Games And Violence By Elizabeth Carl

    Video Games and Violence “Violent Video Games: Rehearsing Aggression”, is an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education written by Elizabeth Carll explaining that violent video games play an important factor on violence. The article is a response to Christopher Fergusen, an advocate for violent video games, who previously made the article “Video Games: the Latest Scapegoat for Violence”. She focuses on the body of research available to show that violent video games cause violent behavior and…

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