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  • Electric Guitar Research Paper

    indicates, the major parts of an electric guitar are the headstock, tuning pegs, nut, fret board, pickups, bridge, body, pickup selector, tremolo arm (vibrato arm), volume control, tone control, and output jack. Each part is described. Figure 1: Electric Guitar Parts Source: "The Electric…

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  • Vibrato Case Study

    sound in singing. Vibrato is an important technique in good western classical and operatic singing. The pitch of the notes quickly changing up and down makes vibrato. It is one of the important means of musical performance. Like violin, Chinese erhu and other string instruments playing with rubbing strings. Italian vocal school more likely to say: the key point to tell is it a good singing, is to see whether there has vibrato or not. (Mitchell, 2004) Meanwhile, many singers who participate in…

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  • Singing Techniques Affect Vibrato

    Research questions As I want to investigate how to develop vibrato, how do singing techniques affect vibrato, and what are the effects of emotional expression on vibrato, here are my research questions: 1.How does vibrato will be developed in singing training? 2.What singing techniques would affect vibrato? 3.What are the effects of emotional expression on vibrato? And why? 4.How do people experience vibrato? Research design Methodological approach The methodological approach I will use in this…

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  • Music And Rock Music Analysis

    definitely knew how to use vibrato; techniques I will explain further in the paper. These are just ornaments which they used to make people like their songs even better, although they are nothing more than variations of notes. International R&B Singers R&B is usually a music genre that first started in the United States and it has been focused there, although there are people from all around the world that enjoy performing it. We have some perfect examples like Ziya, who is a German R&B singer…

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  • In The Orchestra Analysis

    n this assignment I'll be comparing both recordings, and explaining in details every special moment they have. Larghetto 2nd movt. - In the orchestra introduction Mullova's recording presents a much better phrase. It shows a lot of contrast in dynamic, articulation, and consequently mood. Creativity makes this recording special. They add dynamic that are not originally written, but the result is very good; it creates a totally different environment, suppress the lack of vibrato, and therefore…

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  • Bakersfield Jazz Concert Report

    the trumpet, John played the saxophone, J.T. Butler played the guitar along with Paul, Daniel Lopez played the drums, Doug Davis played the keyboard, and Rick Lincoln played the bass. The style of jazz music the group played sounded like blues and soul jazz. It was very soothing and relaxing to listen to. The music that the group produced was smooth throughout the concert. In the second song, the trumpet player used the technique of covering the hole of the trumpet where the sound comes out of…

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  • Chou's Language Synthesis Essay

    Modal Complex would result as follows: The search for a way to form aggregates generated from Chinese principles shows the influence from serial composers, but Chou denies that his music is twelve-tone music, for their differences are fundamental even though they share certain similarities on the surface level. The first movement “Prelude - Exploring the Modes” of Ode to Eternal Pine explores many modes in a swift manner, hence the title. The first eight measures explore the two variable…

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  • Fairchild Theatre Concert Report

    The piece was performed by pianist Derek Polischuk and trombonist Ava Ordman. They did a superb job and I really liked Ordman’s style. Her use of vibrato made everything she played even more beautiful and her stage presence was very entertaining. It was clear that she was going all out and I greatly respect that in a musician. In terms of the piece, it was divided into three unique sections that each had a variety of styles and techniques. All three sections were equally entertaining, I…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Long-Year-End Concert

    to my hope of performing a faultless solo. As the conductor nodded his head and the the phrase the band behind my played escalated, the first notes spoke from the wooden instrument I grasped in my shivering hands. The F, E, G, A, C, resonated around the auditorium and boomed off the sound beams back into my determined mind. Without hesitation, the melody streamed out of my oboe like a graceful butterfly, soaring through the sky. My clenched shoulders loosened and I moved to the natural rhythm of…

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  • Victor Hugo's Les Misérables School Edition

    Misérables have swept numerous tony awards and also have the honor of being Broadway’s second longest running production. Set in early 19th-century France, Les Misérables School Edition tells the story of Jean Valjean, and his quest for redemption after serving nineteen years in jail. Valjean decides to break his parole and start his life over after a saintly bishop inspires him to live honestly, but he is tirelessly sought after by a police inspector named Javert. Throughout the story, Valjean…

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