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  • Bungee Jump Lab Report

    for providing relationships between position, velocity, acceleration, and force as functions of time. While the Vernier LabPro device transmitted measured data onto the computer, Logger Pro would simultaneously generate graphs for…

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  • Bernoulli Principle Essay

    how many of us can say we are familiar with the math behind this theory? To refresh your memory, Bernoulli’s Principle states that the pressure of a fluid decreases in areas where the flow velocity increases. Imagine…

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  • Investigating A Less Water Resistance In Boat

    investigated is that a more buoyant boat will have a higher velocity. It will encounter less water resistance as less of the hull is below the water. The secondary hypothesis is that the smaller the angle x, a surface is to the water, it will be able to skim and plane across the surface better, thus achieving greater speeds. The models of the boats will be further explained in the Methodology: Boat Design section. Experiment 1: Model A will have a velocity faster than that of Model B, as Model A…

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  • Turbine Model

    Pelton-wheel type, the mechanical power can be changed by means of changing ƞ, Q, and H inputs because and g and ƍ are constant. Velocity of water at which water strikes with pelton wheel is V1= Cd√2gHm/s Cd is co-efficient of discharge which is different for all type of pipes For different effective head H V=Cd√2gH Let us consider some effective head and the velocity of water at that head and Cdis taken as 0.97 H =30 V=0.97√(2×9.8×30) V=23.5212 m/s H = 28…

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  • Analysis Of Friction Flow

    depends on the velocity of the fluid. Laminar flow could be determined when the filament appeared as a straight line that passed down the whole length of the tube that occurs at low densities. When the filament found to be fluctuating in water, it is considered as transitional flow due to its velocity at intermediate. Furthermore, turbulent flow could be identified when the filament mixed with the surrounding water randomly after passing a little way along the pipe at high velocities. The type…

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  • Physics 3020: Heat, Light, And Sound

    and sound is a course that examines the basics concepts of physics. It includes discussions of heat, motion, velocity, and temperature. This course is not intended to go very much in depth, but to provide knowledge necessary for an elementary school teacher. One major concept of the course was the study of the description of motion. The objectives for this lesson include speed vs. velocity, acceleration, and free fall. Speed refers to how fast something is moving. It is categorized as scalar…

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  • Experiment Lost Momentum

    The graphs above demonstrate that there is a value, but theoretically this value should be zero. As demonstrated in Table 1, every trial lost momentum. As the formula for momentum is and the mass remained constant, the velocity must be the responsible factor. Additionally, the only the magnitude of is necessary to observe adherence to the conservation law. The conservation law states that should be equal to zero, and as this wasn’t observed in any trial, it can be said that the…

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  • Inelastic Collision Of A Tennis Ball

    This is because the calculation that relates velocity to the initial height of the ball requires constant acceleration, and so assumes that air resistance is negligible. By disregarding air resistance, it would be expected that the initial height of the tennis ball would not influence COR. This is because…

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  • Direct Motion Lab Report

    swim towards sugar, amino acids, pyrimidines and electron acceptors. Thus, the goal of this experiment was to determine whether E. coli has a direct motion or random motion when a chemoattractant (glucose) was present. This was done by observing the velocity before and after the chemoattractant and by making Log-Log Plot. Theoretical Chemotaxis refers to the ability of organisms to move in response to the presence of a chemical. The movement of organisms could be either attractant in the…

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  • Analysis Of EAHE In Gas Turbine

    temperature at different depth along the year was evaluated to determine the optimum depth for high performance and low economical cost. Then the effect of structural factors including the pipe length and inner diameter, in addition the effect of air velocity passing through the pipe on the performance were studied. The air temperature at the inlet of EAHE was selected fixed at 40 ℃. It is fixed at this value because the average maximum temperature for the selected rejoin is about 40 ℃. The pipe…

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