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  • Shikitsune: A Short Story

    The creator was named Shikitsune, she lived within a realm of nothing; an emptiness. She held her hands together and a stone was created, she crafted 10 stones and placed them in a circle suspended in the nothing. The stones would represent the solid ground ones would stand on, and the solid ground beneath them even when they were too far away in their minds. She wept into the center of the ring of stones, and water filled the center. The water would fill their bodies and fuel the beings…

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  • Falling Velocity And The Dispersal Ability Of A Beetle Seed

    Kishan Patel Section: 008 Pattern: Falling velocity and the dispersal ability of a glider seed varies with its surface area. • Hypothesis 1: Increase in surface area of the seeds decreases their falling velocity, due to greater air resistance o Prediction: Seeds with the higher surface area will have a decreased falling velocity. o Reasoning: The greater the surface area of a seed, the more air resistance it experiences and thereby slowing its fall.  Analytical Approach: scatterplot,…

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  • Butterfly Valve Experiment

    result of valve opening 55° and 1 m/s velocity. CHAPTER 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION A numerical analysis of a butterfly valve using computational fluid dynamics software FLUENT has been used to analysis the fluid field and study the various parameter like flow velocity, Static pressure and turbulence intensity for a various valve closing angle of 0, 20, 30,55,75,90 degree and different inlet velocity and the values become0.5, 1, 1.5, and 2 m/s. CASE 1: Velocity 0.5 m/s for valve opening angle…

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  • Pendulum Experiment Lab Report

    circle motion). In order to complete this, the velocity of the mass would have to be calculated using the measured tension, and this value would then be compared to the expected velocity. The second objective of this experiment was to observe how mass, velocity, and radius affect the tension of the string. These objectives were reached in this experiment. Before beginning the experiment, an equation had to be derived in order to calculate the velocity given the tensions of the string, the mass…

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  • Muffler Analysis

    (4) Maximum space velocity is a specific manufacturer metric which is the maximum gas flow velocity in the substrate and converted into the peak localized space velocity: SV = 3600("ρgas" /"ρatmos" )( (Vmax )/L) (5) Where; gas is the gas density in kg/m3; atmos is the gas density at 25C and at 101325 Pa; Vmax the maximum gas velocity in…

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  • The Hohmann Transfer Models Used In Space Travel

    there must be a change in the velocity…

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  • How Does Power Affect A Javelin Throw

    Velocity may impact a javelin throw since the path that the flight of a javelin has both distance and incline/decline. Improving the velocity of javelins may include activities, which are used for speed since they also relate to velocity. Velocity can impact on the efficiency of movement in the performance of a javelin since it will find the calculations where the thrower has not moved in a straight line, the velocity is also important since there is an increase in the velocity when the…

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  • Particle Swarm Optimification Essay

    It provides the interface between the optimization problem and the physical problem. 6. Vmax: the maximum velocity value allowed in specified direction. 7. gbest (global best): the position in parameter space of the best fitness value returned to the entire swarm; 8. pbest (particle best):…

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  • Picket Fence Lab

    send data to Logger Pro. Logger Pro simultaneously constructed a position-time graph, velocity-time graph, and an acceleration-time graph to represent the motion of the picket fence. The upward-curved shape of the position-time graph suggests that the picket fence has a changing velocity. This curve signifies the object moving from slow to fast since the slope changes from small to big. On the other hand, the velocity-time graphs appeared linear and with a constant slope, so the “linear fit”…

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  • Projectile Motion Case Study

    What speed must the bullet have been travelling at? Ignore friction. [321 m/s] A skier leaves the horizontal end of a ramp with a velocity of 25.0 m/s [E] and lands 70.0 m from the base of the ramp. How high is the end of the ramp from the ground? [38.5 m] An astronaut stands on the edge of a lunar crater and throws a half-eaten Twinkie? horizontally with a velocity of 5.00 m/s. The floor of the crater is 100.0 m below the astronaut. What horizontal distance will the Twinkie? travel before…

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