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  • Two Old Women Analysis

    The story of Two Old Women: An Alaska Legend of Betrayal, Courage, and Survival by Velma Wallis is an amazing story that instill valuable lessons that still relate to today 's society. The novel is about a bedtime story a mother is telling her children about a Alaska. tribe who with harsh weather and food conditions decide to leave the older members of their group behind for the better good of the group. The most important themes that occur within this story is, gender roles, youth thinking, abd graitatuite. I strongly believe that Wallis does a great job at taking the reader through several lessons the story holds. Such lessons include that there is great value in everyone no matter their societal standing. This story is still relevant in the world we live in today and should be continued to be read by the community. The story starts off with a winter scene in the Arctic region of Alaska. The group described as a close community, whose survival ultimately depends on hunting and gathering. Experiencing a harsh winter and decline on food supply,…

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  • Family Media Influence

    So in terms of gender, despite an equal representation of humans, the original show greatly imparted the idea of femininity and being physically weak in the show. Daphne, one of the main characters, is seen as a token damsel. What she lacks in actual substance of character she makes up for accidentally triggering catalysts for the plot. Velma, the other main female, on the other hand is remarkably intelligent but is incapable of independence as seen when she loses her glasses and often initiates…

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  • Overview Of Velma Wallis's 'Raising Ourselves'

    The Ethics of an Upbringing Guiding Question What are the ethics of writing about a place? What qualifies someone to tell a story? Overview In Velma Wallis’s book Raising Ourselves we learn about her rough childhood. She does not hold anything back in the excerpt we read during class. She shows us her perception of how growing up in Fort Yukon, Alaska was with the drugs, alcoholism, and violence. After reading the excerpt we saw how brutal life was in the past when Fort Yukon was not a very…

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