Vehicle routing problem

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  • Vehicle Routing Problem Analysis

    In this project, Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is studied. VRP is an NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem. It appears in a large number of real world situations, such as transportation of people and products, delivery services, garbage collection etc. It can be applied everywhere, for vehicles, trains, plains; that is why Vehicle Routing Problem is of great practical importance in real life. The Vehicle Routing Problems (VRPs) are the ones concerning the distribution of goods between depots and customers. In particular, the solution of VRP calls for the determination of a set of routes, each performed by a single vehicle that starts and ends at its own depot, such that all requirements of the customers are fulfilled, all operational constraints…

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  • The Travelling Salesman Problem: Vehicle Routing Problem

    manufacturing plants or central depots through the transportation network to consumers. It is an expensive function, especially for the industries involving distribution. The Operational Research literature has addressed this problem by calling it as the vehicle routing problem (VRP). Vehicle scheduling or vehicle routing problem (VRP) is a combinatorial optimization and integer programming problem. The Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) was introduced much before the Vehicle Routing…

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  • Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem Case Study

    capacitated vehicle routing problem All kinds of the vehicle routing problem contain a series of essential elements, which primarily are depot, customers, goods, vehicles, routes and the constraints and objective functions proposed to resolve the problem. 1. Depot. Depot is usually the beginning point and terminal of every delivery route. In a specific vehicle routing problem, the number of depot can be one or more than one. The location of the depot can be fixed or flexible. But in capacitated…

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  • KSSL Case Study

    Because of the global impact of such attacks, routing security is a critical issue for the whole Internet infrastructure. Attacks on routing protocols can cause legitimate traffic to flow over unsecure paths and create various types of security exposure for higher layer protocols ranging from eavesdropping to denial of service. Several routing protocols are used to exchange network topology and routing table information between routers. Commonly used intra-domain routing protocols are the…

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  • Software Defined Networking ( Sdn )

    interface for switches, routers and middle-boxes1 from diverse vendors [2]. According to Sarah Sorensen, the author of the book of “The Sustainable Network”, “SDN tackles the barriers that constrain scale, automation, and agility by decoupling the forwarding layer from the control layer, which provides a central view and control over the network.” The basic idea behind SDN is to decouple forwarding plane from control plane, therefore SDN- capable switches are merely responsible for forwarding…

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  • Case Study: Monitoring IP Spoofing

    The solution to this problem leverages the same loophole as the one leveraged by attackers; the source address of the packet can be spoofed but the attacker has no control over the route that the packet will take. Hence it is this key observation that made the solution possible, that is analyze what can’t be manipulated by the attacker; the route. Now if a system knows about the best path from a given source to any destination and if it also has some information about the global topology, it can…

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  • Dark Net Research Papers

    The dark net and all its secret Drugs, human trafficking, and cyberwarfare, these are the thing that can be found on the dark net. The dark net gives us access to all of the content that is not available to us through the normal means. It was developed in the 1990s by the U.S Navy, it is an encrypted web search that allows anyone to search anything in the comfort of their own home without the fear of being found by the authorities. The dark net has many search engines that is well protected,…

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  • Essay On Car Culture

    The same can be said for the engineering of motor vehicles. From the simple A to B cars that last forever to land-speed record breaking rocket cars. Trying to limit vehicle engineering is like trying to limit the most basic of human abilities. The only thing that comes from restriction is further innovation. Todd Griffith from blog.cargurus quotes a few car manufactures “The decision to employ access controls to hinder unauthorized “tinkering” with these vital computer programs is necessary in…

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  • VANET Essay

    SECURE AND EFFICIENT PRIORITY BASED PROTOCOL FOR VANETs ABSTRACT: Vehicular specially appointed system (VANET) is an imperative segment of Intelligent Transportation System. The fundamental favorable position of vehicular specially appointed system (VANET) correspondence is found in dynamic wellbeing frameworks that expansion security by trading alerted messages between vehicles. In this paper, we propose the stream of bundles which is controlled by characterizing the parcels into classes in…

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  • A Case Study: Uber Technologies Inc.

    countries and 507 cities worldwide. (Uber, 2008). How it is work : (Software) Uber have application through the smartphone platform, which allows the customer to submit a trip request to drivers their work in. Uber drivers who receive the request will be the nearest one of the customer. It will alert the drivers with destination and location of the customer. The application offered luxury vehicles including…

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