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  • House Auclaire Meeting Report

    At the meeting, the scene is a fairly composed one. Leaders from both Chancellor and Auclaire were present and many were exchanging pleasantries and making small talk before the meeting begins. As the two houses had such a close-knit alliance, the openness and friendliness between the leaders was to be expected. The meeting room was a spacious one, that appears it could hold possibly thousands of people. On each of the walls, stood both the symbols of House Chancellor and House Auclaire…

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  • Pakistan Case Study: Blind To Eye Care In Pakistan

    Blind to Eye Care in Pakistan Introduction The United Nations as created an agenda for 2030. Within this agenda, there are seventeen sustainable developmental goals (SDG) that aim to transform our world. These goals are to be met through numerous different means: government policies, public change, non-government organizations (NGO), and a variety of other ways. NGO’s are a large way to help meet these goals and impact the world for the better. LRBT, an NGO that focuses on eye care for those…

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  • The Connection Between Autism And Vaccines

    Data and Facts There is a vast amount of research done on vaccines and there is still much to come. One of the most common threads in research for vaccines are vaccine effectiveness and side effects caused by vaccines. The reasons for this is mostly because despite there being proof verifying vaccine’s effectiveness, many people still have doubts about vaccinations. Some people think vaccines cause disastrous side effects. Others believe that vaccines are unnecessary and unreliable. Many of…

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  • Down Syndrome Research Papers

    What is Down syndrome? Risk Factors and Research Bria Williams Valencia Community College, East Campus Author Note This paper was written for Human Biology, Section 24630, taught by Professor Ed Schultz. Abstract In 1866, John Langdon Down; an English physician, recorded and published an accurate description of a person with Down syndrome. He stated that, the facial features of those who have Down syndrome were similar to those of the Mongolians and he called them mongoloids. Down…

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  • Elderly Abuse Research Paper

    Elderly Abuse Abuse is a serious crime that happens every day, but little do many realize that there is such a thing called elderly abuse among us. We tend to think that the staff and the elderly patients in the facilities, as we call them residents, wouldn’t create any harmful attacks on a resident that one may love the most. There are multiple types of abuse such as physical, sexual, neglect, financial, and emotional. Any type of these abuses can cause a resident to become depressed and make…

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  • Parliamentary Democracy

    The majority of the countries in Europe have a Parliamentary system in which they have cabinet which is led by the Prime minister and there is the Head of state which can be a President or the respective monarch if the country is a symbolic monarchy. Especially the function of the President is rather vague as it depends on the state. If the monarch is the head of state, the power is often limited in order to limit the unequal influence of the monarch. This differs with the President as he might…

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  • Segregation In The Lemon Grove School

    When one thinks of racism and segregation, lynching or hate crimes in general, we only think within the white and black margins, to many, the African American sufferings come to mind. Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King are names we quickly remember, we don’t recall the Mexican American struggle, Mexican activists like Emma Tenayuca, or Dolores Huerta, or the nation’s first successful desegregation court case, Alvarez vs. the Board of Trustees of the Lemon Grove School District. Omitted from…

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  • Type 2 Diabetes Chapter 2 Summary

    CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This chapter contains a compilation of local and foreign literatures and studies about the topic researched and are provided as a guide for the hypothesis of this research and served as a basis for the methodology of the study. These provided studies were also used to support the study and compare the difference of the present. DIABETES According to the International Diabetes Federation (2013), diabetes is one of the most challenging health…

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  • Charlemagne Research Paper

    Introduction: Charlemagne was the King of the Franks from 768 and Emperor of the Romans from 800 until his death in 814. He expanded his kingdom to an empire, uniting most of west Europe. The Carolingian Renaissance is associated with his reign, a time when art and culture was revived through the Catholic Church, which encouraged a common European identity. Chapter 1 who is Charlemagne? He is the King of Franks; he was the greatest ruler in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire.…

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  • Social Impacts Of Tourism

    encourages the people in the community to create a stronger bond and relationship with each other (Frew & White 2011, p.125). Examples of some famous local festivals could be the Moomba festival in Melbourne, Australia or the Tomato Throwing festival in Valencia of…

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