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  • The Rebellion Of Manor Farm: An Analysis

    The animals in a farm named Manor Farm attempt to assert their Otherness in contrast to the oppressive human interference through a Rebellion. The word Rebellion appears with a capital ‘R’, as if the animals have almost found their harmony with deifying the act of Othering. The capitalized ‘Rebellion’ seems a raw simulation of the anthropocentric deity-figure that appears in grand narratives of the religious kind. The Rebellion of Manor Farm turns bloody and resembles in all its subtlety the…

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  • Theme Of Justice In Aeschylus's Oresteia

    Every character in Aeschylus's Oresteia is concerned with the notion of justice. The trilogy repeatedly emphasizes a fundamental concept of justice: revenge. It is a really simple but powerfully emotional basis for justice, associating retribution with family, emotions and honor. The Oresteia explores whether the revenge ethic is adequate as a legitimate basis for justice. It depicts the flaws of the practice of personal vendetta: the cyclical nature of blood crimes and the lack of a clear…

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  • Egyptian Cults Essay

    The diffusion of Egyptian cults in the Greek and Roman World Sources The Roman imperial fleet was one of the main gateways for diffusion of Egyptian cults into the Roman world, and both merchant and war fleets had significant role in that diffusion. One of the most important parts of the research of this diffusion is to determinate the groups of citizens who were involved in it. In order to do that we have to find the sources from Greek and Roman periods such as epigraphic inscriptions, literary…

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  • Persepolis Essay

    This wealth was put into the royal treasury which became important for financial administration and storage of wealth. Darius followed Lydian tradition and minted coins gold coins “darics” and silver coins “sigloi”, stamped with insignia. He also introduced a new weight, the “karsha”, in the shape of a pyramidion. The standardization of weights and measures and the introduction of coinage was effective in facilitating imperial trade and provided flexibility in the exchange of goods throughout…

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