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  • The Impact Of Climate Change In The European Union

    European Union is recognized as one of the leaders in implementing new environmental policies and instruments for them. The targets of the EU are often ones of the most ambitious in the world. Adaptation strategies are developing continuously to strengthen the resilience of Europe. However, for the EU member states it is not an easy task to collaborate in dealing with environmental issues, since their recourses and targets differ. For instance, in October 2014 The EU leaders agreed on greenhouse…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Green Tax

    Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a key cause of global warming and other environmental damage according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A green tax is an excise tax that could provide considerable environmental pollution relief by promoting environmentally sustainable practices via economic incentives. As part of President Obama’s administration’s Green initiative, a policy implementation of a green tax on carbon would greatly benefit the United States’ environment and economy…

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  • Global Warming And Its Effects On Society And Our Planet Today

    In order to have a better understanding of Global Warming it is crucial to have a clear perspective of how it is affecting society and our planet today. Rainstorms, droughts, record high temperatures, the significant melting of ice glaciers and lastly the rising of sea levels are just some effects that have become increasingly prevailing in our day to day lives. Heat waves amongst precipitation under global warming are major threats to human and animal health and safety. The ongoing days of…

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  • Causes Of The Kyoto Protocol

    international treaty adopted unanimously by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that was named after a Japanese City, it was called the Kyoto Protocol. It took only one year for members of the UNFCCC to decide that there needed to be stricter demands for reducing gas emissions (UNFCCC, 2014). This Protocol was designed to reduce the emissions of gases that contribute to global warming. Given that, there were 41 countries plus the European Union who agreed to…

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  • The Controversial Issue Of Climate Change In Canada

    Climate Change is a worldwide phenomenon, that affects the regular conditions of the environment. Historically, there have been several conventions, as the Kyoto Protocol, in order to address this problem. However, only until the Paris Agreement, countries have committed to take actions to mitigate this issue. In fact, Canada did not demonstrate any interest in the subject, but rather the provinces took the initiative and started to use regulations to reduce CO2 emissions. By 2015, Canada has…

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  • The Influence Of Internet Privacy

    An IP address, or internet protocol address, identifies a person online by where they are in the world and more specifically, acts as that individual’s online identity (IP Address). However, these advertisements that companies show only reflect what a person has left traces of online…

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  • Definition And Objection Of The Passive Optical Network

    A 1:8 splitting ratio will have : a. Number of users: 8 b. Power: 12.50 c. Insertion Loss : -9 Activity 3 To analyze the OLT Unit we were supposed to use putty.exe for the serial console using Telnet as a protocol and U2000 Client as a graphical user interface (GUI). 1. To go to the user mode first we need to login as the following step : • Username: user04 • Password: user1234 • The User Mode • To enter the privilege mode from user mode type "enable" • The step to get the global…

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  • Climate Change In Tanzania Case Study

    In 1992, Tanzania had its first national energy policy and the latest national energy policy was published in 2003. The national policy 2003 mainly focused on the national energy needs in Tanzania, and in the policy, to develop domestic cost effective energy resources, to improve energy reliability, efficiency and security, and to reduce deforestation were also highlighted as the subsidiary objectives. 2003 national energy policy put climate change concept in its content, and it is the first…

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  • Analysis Of The Poisson Process

    A traditional traffic model for circuit switched data as well as packet data is the Poisson process in which the number of incoming packets per time is according to Poisson distribution. It is one of the most widely used and oldest traffic models. In this model the length of each packet is based on exponential distribution and the number of simultaneously ongoing packets is according to Erlang distribution [16]. The Poisson process is characterized as a renewal process. In a Poisson process the…

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  • Protect Yourself From Social Networking: Article Analysis

    Protect Yourself from Social Networking Nicola Formichetti once said, “ The dark side of social media is that, Within seconds, anything can be blown out of proportion and taken out of context. And it’s Very difficult not get swept up in it all”. In Social media thing get swept out of proportion so we need to protect ourself from this from happening. In the article “ The Dangers of Social Networking” by Robin Olsen Suggest ways on how to protect yourself from social networking. Robin Olsen is…

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