Use of Parody in Shrek Essay

  • Compare And Contrast Shrek And Mean Girls

    Rotten Tomatoes, a respected website devoted to film reviews, gave Shrek a high rating of 88% while Mean Girls received a slightly lower rating of 83%, respectively. IMDb, another website that consists of information related to films, also gave Shrek a higher rating than Mean Girls, with Shrek garnering a rating of 7.9 compared to a Mean Girls rating of 7.0. Although the margin between the two movies is small, it gives Shrek the upper hand as the better satirical movie. Statistics aside, is Shrek the better satirical film than Mean Girls? Satire is a concept where you use techniques such as exaggeration and reversals to criticize a topic or social issue in hopes of changing it. Shrek is a film about an ogre whose tranquility is disturbed…

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