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  • Pop Cake Swot Analysis

    The aim of this project was to sell a new important product Pop Cake to sell it online through websites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Pop Cake is the perfect name of my product cake. Thanks to its richness in its healthy elements, I think that it will easily spread in KSA markets. Do not hesitate not to purchase .It is a golden occasion. Pop Cake can lead more consumers through increasing their trust to feel comfortable shopping on it. Faster checkouts and digital wallets improve cake…

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  • SEO Consulting In Today's Advancing Digital World Case Study

    The Growing Importance of SEO Consulting in Today’s Advancing Digital World SEO plays an important role in online marketing, one that is seen to stay for a long time. As a business owner, you want to ensure that you are doing the right thing to guarantee your brand’s growth. To do that, you need to make the necessary investment and online marketing efforts, which should include SEO. Fortunately for some, they already have enough knowledge in SEO to make them capable of handling this aspect of…

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  • Swt Analysis: Swot SWOT Analysis Of Flipkart

    solution Payzippy  Own Marketplace model  Better Search engine optimization  Price reduction or discounted price  24*7 customer service  Advanced advertising and promotion  Broad range of products Weakness  Investor driven and lack of independent board  Less penetration in small cities  No delivery to remote places Opportunities  Provide logistic services to its competitors through e-kart  Penetration into small cities  Global availability and accessibility  Growth in e-tail …

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  • Cross Border Acquisition Case Study

    Cross border Acquisitions and Mergers The main motives for cross-border acquisitions and mergers are efficiency gains and strategic motive. Efficiency gains due to synergy between the firms leading to economies of scale or scope. Strategic motive is if there is a change in market structure resulting in the change of the firm’s competitive position and profits because of the access to different product types, workforces, suppliers and capital markets. Also the cross border acquisitions and…

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  • Characteristics Of Monopoly Market

    structure that allows buyers and sellers to exchange any type of goods, services and information. It allows buyers and sellers of a specific good or service to interact in order to create an exchange. A market involves many varieties of systems, institutions, procedures, social relations and infrastructures where parties engage in exchange. It can be said that a market is the process by which the prices of goods and services are established. A market may not be a physical location. Market…

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  • The Housekeeping Department At Marriott Hotel

    INTRODUCTION TO HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT The Housekeeping Department is accountable for the cleanliness of the guest rooms, public areas including the front and back of house of the hotel and to create comfort for the guest. Satisfaction of the guests is housekeeping’s primary objective. The efforts of a housekeeping department make in giving the guest a required room has an impact on the guest’s experience in a hotel (McCoy, 2017). In this proposal, I will focus on the Housekeeping Department at…

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  • The Importance Of Leadership In Diverse Workplaces

    The CARROT AND STICK approach is the best way to measure any work performance. Carrot is the reward offered to the employees if they work well whereas stick is the chastisement given to them when they are unable to accomplish the given tasks. This concept keeps them motivated towards performing in the superlative customs. Measuring good performance requires expertise in certain proficiencies. Competencies are measurable and observable designs of expertise, understanding, knowledge, aptitudes…

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  • Education For Hospitality Case Study

    motivation to regulate whether the level of motivated thoughtful and behavior, indexed as choice, perseverance, and effort, and predisposed by self-efficacy, support, motion, and task value, obstructed employee turnover rates in the hotel and quick service restaurant sections of the hospitality industry. The study assisted to expect and lower turnover in various sections of the hospitality industry. The study accomplish that the motivation constituent of the Commitment and Necessary Effort…

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  • Relationship Between Brand Personality And Brand Loyalty

    attention to banding in meaning of services. This research was done in order of presentation of customer loyalty model base on brand. The positive and significant relationship between trustworthiness and Credibility of brand shows that reliable names grow their Credibility in customer comment. 1. The brand Manager must make promotional strategies like media, advertising and political programs that show a correct combination of perception and image of bank services in which they are resulted to…

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  • Role Customer Satisfaction Played In Bt's Total Quality Journey

    after consuming the product or services rendered by the BT and the quality factor helped them out in remaining competitive in their respective market. If a company provides quality in services it offers it will have a direct link to the customer and customer will automatically engage with the company and in turn, company will grow and have a strong customer base which is very vital for any company to become a market leader.…

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