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  • Hospital Readmission Rates: A Case Study

    Exploring 30-day children?s readmission rate in a general hospital. K van Driel1*, GS de Wolf2, R. van Schaik3 1 Division woman and child, Diakonessenhuis Utrecht, the Netherlands 2Department of clinical methods and Public Health, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 3Division woman and child, Diakonessenhuis Utrecht, the Netherlands * Corresponding author: K van Driel, Division Woman and Child Diakonessenhuis…

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  • Roles Of Reproductive Medicine

    dysfunction. In women, reproductive medicine also covers menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy and menopause, as well as gynecologic disorders that affect fertility. The field cooperates with and overlaps to some degree with gynecology, obstetrics, urology, genitourinary medicine, medical endocrinology, pediatric endocrinology, genetics, and psychiatry. Reproductive rights are rights relating to reproduction and reproductive health. The World Health Organisation defines reproductive rights as…

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  • Abdominal Pain Case Study

    a UTI. Haematuria associated with severe loin pain usually suggests a stone in the kidneys or ureters (Wyatt fij/2005) or pyelonephritis. Painless haematuria is suspicious of genitourinary carcinoma and should always be investigated, usually by a urology tlepartment. Past medical and medication history Recording details of past medical and medication histories is important forall patients. However, for the patient witb abdominal pain there are particular factorsthat need to be considered. Table…

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  • Medical Education Case Study

    Figure 1. 3 Convergence of Interest Model [Modified from Saxton et. al.] (Saxton, 2009). According to the educational experts from over 16 top pharmaceutical companies in Germany, the industry engagement in medical education can be grouped into four categories. a) Industry-provided product specific training b) Industry-provided professional development and medical disease education c) Collaborative partnerships d) Support to third party provided medical education a) Industry-provided…

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  • Importance Of Medical Tourism Essay

    Unit Title: Introduction to Medical Tourism Structure: Medical Tourism or Health Tourism refers to the travel of people to another country for receiving medical treatment in that country. In the past, people from developing countries travelled to developed countries for treatments that were either not available or were not of the required standards in their own countries. Although this pattern still continues, the trend in recent years is for people from the developed countries to travel to the…

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