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  • Criteria Audit On Cholecysteectomy

    1. Introduction The Health Information Department of Curtin Hospital constructed a criteria audit on cholecystectomy surgery within the general surgical department of the hospital. Criteria audits are important strategies in health care as it develops best practice principles, to educate staff and maintain high standards of patient care. Criteria audits can also assist in hospitals understanding compliance to standards ensuring that sufficient safety and infection control methods are being…

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  • Adaptive, Market Entry, And Competitive Strategies In The Health Care Industry

    Due to the constant restructuring in the health care industry, organizations are embracing strategic management to keep up with competition and stay afloat. This has been possible due to organizations’ commitment to anticipate environmental changes. Health care organizations are thus using business strategies to ascertain how to compete in their individual markets. However, while trying to develop strategies, organizational strategists have to consider how to achieve the impacts of the…

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  • Miami-Dade County Vulnerable Population Analysis

    When I think of the vulnerable population, the thought of children and the elderly comes to mind. In today’s vastly diverse society, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are many others that fall into this population. The CDC defines these other group as follow: “vulnerable populations as defined by race/ethnicity, socio-economic status, geography, gender, age, disability status, risk status related to sex and gender, and among other populations identified…

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  • Family Nurse Practitioner: A Case Study

    THE FAMILY NURSE PRACTITIONER The role of the Family nurse practitioner (FNP) began in the 1960’s as a result of a shortage of primary care providers. (Kennedy, 2014) That however, does not conclude that family nurse practitioners are only a secondary option to fill the void of primary care physicians in underserved areas. Instead, the FNP role has evolved in response to the recognition that nurses with advanced education and training are fully capable of providing primary care and…

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  • Bestmedical Case Analysis Essay

    Due to the fact that there is a strong tendency of globalization, many companies decide to export their products. For this purpose they need to choose carefully the market to enter and a certain entry strategy for this market. Companies can face many different obstacles during the process of internationalization like difficulty of choice of an appropriate entry mode. Bestmedical is planning to export its products to the USA because it believes to be the most important market for them.…

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  • Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Of Study Oral health is a state of being free from infectious or disease and it has a profound effect on general health (Kiyoshi-Teo & Blegen,2015). According to Pettit, McCann, Schneiderman, Farren & Campbell (2012), there is association between chronic oral infection with the heart and lung disease. Patient with underlying disease such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is higher risk of aspiration of contaminated respiratory if oral care…

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  • Intersex Sexual Development

    Disorders of sexual development (DSD) have been a topic of great interest as of late. Intersex, at its most basic definition, is when one does not ‘fit’ into the binary gender structure most commonly subscribed to in Western civilization; or, rather, having a variation of sexual characteristics or a combination other than the more common female to XX and male to XY. Research shows that 1.7% of the population has a DSD, considering the current population of the U.S., that would be approximately…

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  • Kidney Stones Lab Report

    Introduction: Kidney stones are an extremely basic urinary issue. Also known as renal calculi, kidney stones are characterized by their high occurrence and a high repeat rate. This issue results from the arrangement of insoluble salt stores in the urinary tract and inside the kidney. The rate of this issue has expanded in the course of recent years for reasons that are not entirely known, but have caught the consideration of numerous scientists. There are different types of kidney stones, each…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career In Hospitals

    Topic thing Hospitals are large facilities and require a lot of people to work in them. They need physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and many other doctors that specialize in areas. Another type of person hospitals need are volunteers. Even though volunteers don’t have degrees, they still are able to work in places in the hospitals. The volunteers are able to work wherever in the hospital they desire, as long as space allows it. I was interested in volunteering at a hospital because even…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Autonomous Surgery

    A hot and controvertial topic in the medical field is the use of robots in surgical procedures. A large contribution to its popularity are due to some fallacies pre established by society, other "educated" arguments look at technical aspects of the robots. Quite a few of the controversies revolve around the topic of labor and how humans with families will benefit, other controversies evaluate the effectiveness and necessity of an autonomous surgery. Lastly there are simply personal questions…

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