Urinary tract infection

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  • Endodontic Analysis

    Microorganisms invasion of the dental pulp as a sequel to dental caries,trauma,and operative dental procedures causes pupal infection and periapical diseases2-3 9-10 The aim of endodontic treatment is to eradicate bacteria from the root canal and prevent reinfection9 (the effectiveness of various Alexanda almyroudi) Endodontic treatment includes the cleansing of pulp tissue and bacteria from infected root canals. This is performed mechanically by files and supported by irrigation with…

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  • Cat Scratch Disease Analysis

    Over an eight year period from the years 2005 through 2013 more than eight thousand individuals have been diagnosed with cat scratch disease (cdc.gov). Evidence of some symptoms individuals would develop when they would contract this illness was first notified back in the 1950’s, but the disease causing agent wasn’t identified until the mid-1980’s. Even though this disease has not been proven to cause death amongst its victims it is still important to understand some key factors to be aware of…

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  • Equine Anemia Research Paper

    disease so the only way to find out if your animal has procured the virus is to test it and is otherwise known as asymptomatic. This virus can be potentially fatal due to the process that takes place once it has entered the body. Some of the signs of infection include thrombocytopenia and anemia. The way the immune system reacts to this disease is very important. The body needs the cytoxic T lymphocytes to help control any disease but the EIA virus bypasses that response and continues…

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  • Essay On Lupus

    kidney, brain, heart and lungs. There are multiple forms and types of lupus, no two cases are the same. Studies show that lupus results from a mixture of your genetics, hormones, and climate. There are certain potential triggers such as sunlight, infections, and medications. However, the cause for lupus is still unknown. Symptoms and signs may develop thought a life span or very rapidly. The severity and length of the symptoms fluctuates as well. The most distinctive sign of lupus is a…

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  • A Summary Of Ethnomethodology

    difficulty breathing, chest pain, coughing up mucus and blood, excess sweating at night, fatigue, fever, weight loss, and wheezing (MedlinePlus, 2013). The elderly, infants, and adults with weakened immune systems are highly susceptible to this infection. According to the church burial registers, consumption is largely responsible for childhood deaths. A total of 66.6%, or four out of six cases, of all recorded consumption cases across the two-year period were understood to be the cause of…

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  • Essay On Droplet Precautions

    PREVENTING NOSOCOMIAL BLOOD STREAM INFECTIONS Reducing the risk of nosocomial blood stream infection requires preventive activities in addition to standard precautions. If a nosocomial blood stream infection occurs, early diagnosis is important to prevent complications such as endocarditis and brain abscess. Any vascular access device (VAD) can serve as the source for a blood stream infection. Hand hygiene and strict attention to aseptic technique are essential…

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  • Ebola Research Paper

    According to the World Health Organization, Ebola first appeared in 1976 in two simultaneous outbreaks, in Nzara, Sudan, and in Yambuku, Democratic Republic of Congo. The latter was in a village situated near the Ebola River, from which the disease takes its name. Ebola virus disease (EVD) is a severe, often fatal illness in humans, and disease outbreaks have a fatality rate of up to 90 per cent (Leroy, 2004). The infectious disease is transmitted to people as a result of direct contact with…

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  • Skin Diseases In The Salon Essay

    Impetigo is a contagious bacterial skin infection characterized by weeping lesions, mostly seen in children. Conjunctivitis(pink eye) is a common bacterial infection of the eye, it is extremely contagious. Herpes Simplex is a recurring viral infection that often presents as a fever blister or cold sore. Verruca is a hypertrophy of the papillae and epidermis, it is a virus that can be spread from…

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  • Bacteriophage Lab Report

    Introduction: Viral infections can affect many things, including bacteria. When bacteria undergo infections from a virus that virus is called a bacteriophage. After a bacteriophage infects a bacteria it can create two different phases, the lytic or lysogenic cycles. During a lytic stage the bacteriophage causes death to the bacteria. When this happens on an agar plate covered in bacteria it creates a clear spot known as a plaque. Each plaque is created by one virus so from the number of plaques…

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  • Ebola Virus Disease Analysis

    The main areas of infection are the lymphatic organs, liver, kidneys and reproductive organs. Massive blood loss will occur due to capillary leakage and bleeding. Most deaths due to EVD are caused by multiple organ failure and shock from blood loss (123helpme.com). The Ebola…

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