Urinary tract infection

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  • Dangers Of Mosquitoes

    With the onset of the monsoons, the weather has become really humid and many people are falling ill. Along with the change of season, it is also the time when mosquitoes bite and spread various harmful diseases such as dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. This is because the rainy season provides apt conditions for mosquitoes and other insects to thrive, which pose a threat to your child’s and your health. Just the thought of a mosquito bite is enough to scare anyone. Although most mosquito bites…

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  • The Immune System: Saving The Body

    The immune system is incredibly intricate. The first barrier of the system is your skin. After entering the body, the bacteria doubles their number every twenty minutes. When they reach a certain population, bacteria will start damaging the body by changing the environment surrounding them, which triggers the immune system to counter the attack. Macrophages, Neutrophils, Dendritic cells, and T-cells all play crucial roles in saving the body from the bacteria. Macrophages have the ability to…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Naturally Coloured Cotton

    Advantages of Coloured Cotton There are several advantages of naturally coloured over the white cotton varieties. They are briefly discussed below: 4.1 Effect on Human Health Cotton fabrics with artificial dyes have been reported to have adverse effects on the skin and human health. Artificial dyes cause allergy and itching on the skin and sometimes may cause skin cancer. Artificial dyes have adverse effect on their health. There is risk of skin cancer among the persons who…

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  • Infectious Disease Essay

    I. Introduction A. Statistics about infectious disease, still a leading killer in the world 1. Despite new technology and prosperity, still a main threat 2. People believe it is a problem of the past, but it is not B. By mid-20th century most experts had declared the war against infectious diseases was over 1. Overly optimistic, infectious diseases have been reemerging 2. Complacency followed and it is a shock how devastating infectious diseases have been since the start of the 21st century 3.…

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  • Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    health is a state of being free from infectious or disease and it has a profound effect on general health (Kiyoshi-Teo & Blegen,2015). According to Pettit, McCann, Schneiderman, Farren & Campbell (2012), there is association between chronic oral infection with the heart and lung disease. Patient with underlying disease such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is higher risk of aspiration of contaminated respiratory if oral care was not performed and this actually will decrease…

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  • Case Study Hospital Acquired Pneumonia

    excess < -3 = metabolic acidosis (Globalrph.com, 2014), and this patient’s BE is +8.8, which means this patient is in metabolic alkalosis. DISCUSSION Hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP) is a lung infection that is contracted in hospital by a non-intubated patient within 48 hours after admission. This infection can be fatal to these patients, as the patient is already sick and find it difficult to fight the germs. The germs that are found in hospitals are also more dangerous than the germs…

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  • Essay On Wound Culture

    antifungal drug will be effective in stopping the growth of the bacteria or fungi causing infection (Bacterial Wound Culture n.d.). A culture is collected and placed on a growth medium. The presence of bacteria, the culture will be positive. The culture will test negative without the presence of bacteria. Body of Paper A wound culture should be performed on people showing signs and symptoms of soft tissue infections with open or draining lesions; or of insect or spider bite with necrotizing…

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  • The Four Types Of Ebola Epidemic

    The first Ebola epidemic was in West Africa in 2014. The countries hit hardest by the virus as well as the rest of the world was at a loss as to how to control the disease and minimize the number of people infected. Since the epidemic, scientists have been able to create a number of treatment drugs to help minimize the morbidity rate and help control the next outbreak. There currently is not an established treatment drug or vaccine for Ebola, but there are a number of different options in the…

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  • Reaction To The Virus In The Hot Zone By Richard Preston

    The Hot Zone by Richard Preston. Is a book that has many stories that are mainly about the filovirus which contain the two-main virus that the writer has written about it which they are Ebola and Marburg virus. The book also explains how did the virus have been discovered and how it really affected the community and what did the World Health Organization reacted on the virus effects on the world. The writer had written about how did the people react to the virus and how did the scientist…

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  • Luna Skin Care Research Paper

    Introduction Wrinkles and saggy skin are common effects of aging. Luckily, there are elective and non-standard alternatives available to combat these effects without the option of infusions or surgery. Luna skin care offers the perfect solution to the problems of aging in the former of a product that assists in the tightening of the skin. Luna Skincare is a new age-defying skin care product that assists in restoring youth and vitality to the skin. This cream boosts the immunity of the skin,…

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