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  • Essay On Just War Theory

    Wars in the United States have been fought over a variety of issues such as territory, resources, or political freedom. A key component of war is why and how the war began . Although ideally war should be avoided and compromise and negotiation should be the focus, wars still occur for a variety of reasons. When war does occur there are conditions outlined in the “Just War Theory” that determine whether the war is just or unjust. In United States history, the Mexican-American War and the…

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  • Cause Of Manifest Destiny

    during the 19th century with the American expansion. This attitude affirmed that the United States could not only expand from east to west coast but that in fact, it was destined to stretch and gain more territory. However, the land expansion gave a new pride to the ideas about racial superiority and the US being on top and better than anyone else. Manifest Destiny was significant to the development of the United States as its beliefs were the primary force that caused the expansion westward…

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  • Short Term Effects Of The Louisiana Purchase

    Thomas Jefferson. When your whole world changes, now growing right before your eyes what changes will it bring? An obvious turning point in your history is to come, but how, and what will it do t the land and those around you? In the history of the United States of America many large events have critically changed the landscape of the country. Whether it’s how you act, what you do daily, or expanding your…

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  • Causes Of The Mexican War

    event in history of relations between Mexico and the United States took place a century and a half ago. Many historians refer to this event as “The Mexican War,” while in Mexico they prefer to use the term “The U.S. Invasion.” (Hernadez, 2010). One of the main causes of this war was the annexation of the Republic of Texas, which took place in in December of…

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  • Pros And Cons Of American Imperialism

    Pros and Cons of American Imperialism America is one of the most powerful nations of the world. Its sheer size, economy, territories, and technological advancements make it so influential that many smaller nations or cultures look up to America as if it were a god. Many decades ago, America established its dominance over other nations, particularly during the two world wars by showing off its military prowess and interfering with what are supposedly local affairs of other governments.…

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  • American Imperialism: A Splendid Little War

    The height of American imperialism showcased when United Sates waged the Spanish-American war. The war transpired between the countries of Spain and the United Sates and linked by historians to America’s imperialistic expansion concepts. The war was known as “A Splendid Little War”, due to the short duration it took for the United Sates to defeat the Spanish. The war ended with 1898 Treaty of Paris, which compelled the Spanish to abdicate claims of Cuba, and surrender the sovereignty of Puerto…

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  • Mexican American War Causes

    The Mexican-American War was a war that occurred between America and Mexico from Spring of 1846 to Fall of 1837. It was a war that was started over the territory of Texas and where it’s boundaries were, but was ended with the Mexican Cession. The causes, battles, and repercussions of the Mexican-American war all provided a big role in the events that occurred throughout the war. The Mexican-American War has several different causes that led to many different disputes between the two nations…

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  • Importance Of The Monroe Doctrine

    During the beginning of the 19th Century, the United States remained unsure of what it was, and what it will become. The country was beginning to become a more influential power, yet it remained unsure of its exact position in the world. The United States was in a period of transition, as the founding fathers, who were essential to the national identity, where leaving power for a new generation of rulers. It became apparent that colonization was now only part of the nation’s past, rather than…

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  • Manifest Destiny Vs American Imperialism

    Manifest Destiny. This expansion to the United States walked over other people and their countries, and started unnecessary wars. The expansion annexed…

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  • Reasons For The Cold War

    the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics--USSR for short--during the second half of the 20th century.” After the second World War both the United States and the USSR viewed this as a moment of weakness on a global scale. On one hand, we see the USSR is wanting to expand their communist ideology on other nations, while the United States wanting to protect the world from this rising force. A prime example of this notion can be the conflict over Korea, that both the United…

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