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  • Essay On Australian Identity

    2. Introduction Australia was a convict settlement as a result of British Colonisation which occurred in 1788 with the First Fleet. The indigenous people of Australia are the Aboriginals. The federation of Australia occurred in 1901 and Australia is a member of the Commonwealth. Australia is situated in the southern hemisphere and is the smallest continent and country in the world. The capital of Australia is Canberra. The population of Australia is approximately 24 million. The language…

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  • Olive Tree Symbolism

    industry in Palestine is being controlled and restricted by the Israeli government. Israel continues to use the Palestinian agriculture as a means to inflict collective punishment on the Palestinian people to confiscate more land in the Occupied Territories’ (OT). Israel continues to confiscate Palestinian agricultural land and aquifers by denying Palestinian civilians access to their crops and their harvest (UN General Assembly, 2014). The Palestinian land had even been inundated with waste…

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  • National Green Tribunal Case Study

    The National Environment Tribunal Act, 1995 was enacted by the Parliament to grant for strict liability for damages arising from any accident happening while managing any hazardous substance and for the establishment of a Tribunal for the successful and prompt disposal of cases arising from such accidents, with a view to give aid and compensation for damages caused to person, his or her property and the environment and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. Liability under Sec. 3…

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  • Randhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Case Study

    There are 39.41 percent of people living under the poverty line. According to MNREGA State Wise Performance and Targets Report, the total number of worker’s in Dadra and Negar Haveli is 12,000. The total number of active MNREGA workers in Dadra and Negar Haveli is zero. The total number of job cards issued is 8,000; and there are currently zero active work cards. Although Dadra and Negar Haveli is the poorest state in India the MNREGA has not developed an approved labor budget since the…

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  • Australia Film Analysis

    Good morning/afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the Australian Film festival selection panel for 2016, I present to you an amazing and accurate representation of Australian culture and community, the film directed by Baz Luhrmann, Australia. The film Australia was set in 1939, Lady Sarah Ashley played by Nicole Kidman travels from Britain to Australia to meet her husband Maitland Ashley played by Anton Monsted in northern Australia as the business is failing at Faraway Downs Farm. Maitland…

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  • Israeli Commander Case Study

    The two elements of thought that most significantly challenged the Israeli commander as he executed his mission to remove settlers from the occupied territory in Gaza are Point of View and Implications and Consequences. The element of Point of View posed the greatest challenge because the commander understood both the frustration of the settlers due to his emotional and personal ties to them and the strategic goals of his government. As a result of his compassion, he was further challenged by…

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  • Urbanization In Hong Kong Case Study

    In the 1950s, there were many wealthy Chinese moved to Hong Kong illegally due to the civil war. After 1997, the SAR government launched a new migration scheme which allows 150 mainland residents move to Hong Kong every day. According to Census and Statistics Department, the percentage of net migration to total population increased is 71.5% in 2005. The problem of not enough housing estates for the rapid growth in population arosed. Other than that, the growing number of locals moved from rural…

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  • Conjoint Therapy

    Indigenous community To build a domestic violence free Territory, Northern Territory government developed a domestic and family violence reduction strategy “to increase the safety of victims and their children, reduce rates of intergenerational trauma caused by exposure to domestic and family violence, increase accountability of perpetrators and establish integrated service delivery systems that are sustainable and adaptable” (Nothern Territory Government, n.d.). The government identifies the…

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  • Tjapaltjarri And Emily Kngwarreye: A Comparative Analysis

    There are numerous comparisons, similarities and differences to be noted between Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri and Emily Kame Kngwarreye none more than their art work. Both being from the central desert region of the Northern Territory, Australia and the Anmatyerre language group both Clifford and Emily share simular life experiences, beliefs of the dreaming, geography and views of their country. Both artists produced their work in a matching time and place with simular preferred mediums and both…

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  • Social Media Influence On Indigenous Australians

    Australian media has always been a prevalent force associated with Indigenous Australians. Ever since the mass spread of information through media was invented, it has been used as both a negative and positive way to promote certain agendas. Social media is also a mechanism that is changing the way Indigenous Australians interact and use media, and has had an important impact on Indigenous Peoples around the world. Despite many changes for the better in regards to how the media is used to…

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