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  • The Importance Of A Roman Tribune

    They were the only people to involve with the senate and to suggest new laws for the people. The Roman Tribune were basically allowed to veto any congress law. Powers of all ten Roman Tribunes varies a lot. The main type of tribune was military. This position of command was highly elevated. This…

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  • Biography Of Corazon Aquino

    She gave the job her best efforts as she pulled the country from its destructive state. While she dealt with her husband’s death, she evolved into a national symbol of reform. She had no intention of becoming president but did so because she was best suit to represent the people. As stated earlier, Aquino restored democracy in the Philippines…

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  • What Is A Tribune

    that was usually pinned to the right shoulder with an clasp. (“Roman tribune”, www.tribunesandtriumps.org). In the fifth century there were two different groups of people there was the poor and the the rich. The poor had to appeal decisions from the senate. The rich were supposed to be in battle and pay taxes. The only difference was they could not vote on decisions about war and peace or decide how Rome spends their money. The emperor of Rome in 27 bc-14bc founded the tribune and made himself…

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  • Patricians And Plebeians Analysis

    I believe many Plebeians fell victim to this (Morey, 1901. para 3). As the vexation continued to brew, the Patricians also had more public land access than the Plebeians. When Rome acquired land throughout times of war, it became property of the state and its entire citizens, at least that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, this became a cunning revenue builder for the government, who instead of allocating some of it to those in need, leased out the land to wealthy Patricians (Morey, 1901.…

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  • The Rhetorical Analysis Of Marcus Tullius Cicero

    Marcus Tullius Cicero was both an attorney and politician in the Roman Empire, eventually achieving such positions as a consulship and membership in the Roman Senate. During his lifetime, Cicero wrote many speeches and books, with most of them surviving antiquity. Much of his writing encompass the basics and rules of rhetoric, a type of speech. Rhetoric was and is a form of art wherein a speaker uses many different methods in order to both inform and persuade the reader or listener to his or her…

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  • The Role Of Roman Tribune In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

    A Roman tribune is an officer or magistrate chosen by the people, to protect them from the oppression of the patricians, or nobles, and to defend their liberties against any attempts that might be made upon them by senate and counsels. The Latin word for tribune was tribunes. The word was originally used to indicate an officer connected with a tribe(tribus), or who represented a tribe for a certain purpose. This was indeed the character of the officers who were designated by it in the…

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  • Similarities Between Imperial Rome And Han China

    Imperial Rome and Han China were two empires formed on different parts of Eurasia. Imperial Rome from 31 BCE to 476 CE included their citizens in their government by having consuls elected by patricians, who made up the senate, and assemblies dominated by plebeians. Patricians were the elite class while plebeians were the commoners. Although the citizens did participate in government Rome needed a more centralized form of government. Julius Caesar became the first dictator in Rome and…

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  • 1972 Watergate Scandal

    limits of using campaign fund for certain activities. This scandal caused many difficulties for future presidents and government officials. Watergate will always be known for its lies and corruptions in Americans government. In the history of the United State, this scandal will always discussed about as one of the biggest scandal in…

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  • During The Speech List President Obama's Main Economic Proposals

    proposal. One of the main proposals was to lower taxes in an effort to reduce the feeling of a weak economy as many people perceive there to be. It was stated that many people still do not feel the effects of recovered economy despite the evidence that states it so. Another proposal he had is the concept of free community college which would be available to US citizens. This in itself would raise taxes because ultimately education is not free. Lastly another idea he explained was that of…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Donald Trump

    The year 2016 is a very captivating year for the United states’ government. It is the year where a new president is elected into the White house. Nominees from different political parties travel across the nation to win the citizens votes in each state. For example, the Republican party nominated the candidate Donald Trump on July 19, 2016. From then on, before election day, Trump has gone state to state, trying to secure votes for himself to win the election. His poll numbers increased daily…

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