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  • Uncertainty Reduction Theory, A Communication Theory

    Uncertainty reduction theory (URT) is a communication theory that explain about the development of interpersonal relationship between peoples. It is important to know that URT is a theory that link communication to the study of uncertainty. Uncertainty reduction theory focuses on how people by using communication can gain knowledge and create understanding towards each other. Every new relationship involve uncertainty and these uncertainty will create uncomfortable inside each person, so they…

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  • Uncertainty In The Mind's Eye, By Oliver Sacks

    Only one thing will be certain in the future, and that is mystery. It is this very mystery, this uncertainty about the future that provokes the mind to anticipate and predict based off of previous experiences and encounters. The mere nature of uncertainty forces individuals to actively think and foresee outcomes that will shed light on the matter. In Oliver Sacks’s “The Mind’s Eye,” Sacks introduces blind individuals who seem to be able to interpret their worlds before actually interacting with…

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  • Through Uncertainty-Welcome Adversity 'And Neighbors'

    Part of human nature is taking risks to overcome a conflict. In “Breaking Through Uncertainty-Welcome Adversity” by Jim Mccormick and in “Neighbors” by Lien Chao, both demonstrate how making dangerous hunches can benefit them. In Mccormick’s story, he exhibits how by taking a risk he was able to save his own life and undergo personal growth. At the same time in Chao’s story, the main character, Sally, takes a significant risk, which gains her friends and a new self-confidence. Whilst both…

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  • Importance Of Uncertainty Avoidance In Chinese Culture

    Chinese culture is more towards stimulating innovations and emphasizing new ideas. It is flexible and more acting than reacting on changes occurring inside and outside of business. While cultures with very high uncertainty avoidance demonstrate their emotions in such a way that everything which is different becomes dangerous for them. They often resist in changes and worry about their future. In china obedience to laws and rules may be flexible to suit the actual situation and simplicity is a…

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  • The Theme Of Uncertainty In Samuel Beckett's Waiting For Godot

    The Theme of ‘Uncertainty’ in Waiting for Godot Waiting for Godot is the English translation of the famous post war French play En Attendant Godot by Samuel Beckett written between 1948 and 1949. The plot of the play revolves around two tramps- Vladimir and Estragon who waits for the arrival of an acquaintance named “Godot”. However, Godot never comes and throughout the play, these two tramps engage themselves in various discussions, activities, and encounters. Being a play that belongs to the…

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  • Judgment Under Uncertainty Analysis

    capable of taking in all the information they are presented with and evaluating it. However, the judgments and decisions that people make are tainted with errors and swayed in large part by a huge range of biases. In their book “Judgment under Uncertainty”, psychologists Daniel Kahneman, Paul Slovic and Amos Tversky published their findings on cognitive bias in which they define cognitive bias as the disposition that people have of making decisions or taking actions in an illogical manner. Some…

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  • Goddess Of Summertime: Uncertainty In Ancient Greek Religion

    The uncertainty in nature that the Greek had caused them to seek explanations. Such as why do the crops become bare, and the land cold during certain times? Because of this uncertainty, humans looked to the gods actions for explanations. This is why Demeter is not always called the "happy goddess of summertime" or Dionysus a"joy-god". Demeter, goddess of the harvest, provides and protects the crops, while Dionysus, god of wine, would rule the vine and production of wine. The two are considered a…

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  • Sweet Land Of Uncertainty: What Is America?

    Sweet Land of Uncertainty: What is America? The United States of America certainly does not have “streets paved with gold”. Though this was how it was first described to attract hopeful refugees and adventurers, we have since learned that, in some respects, this country’s actual state is far different from what it was hoped to be. “Land of the free!”, its people chant, as they brush off those who cry at injustice. “Home of the brave!”, others exclaim, as they cower in the shadows of privilege…

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  • Strategy Under Uncertainty Case Analysis

    Strategy Under Uncertainty: by Hugh Courtney The article addresses the issue of being successful in a highly uncertain business environment. Some managers prefer to play it safe by taking the wait-and-see strategy through positioning large investments until the future becomes clear and some others may prefer to invest in flexibility that allow their companies to adapt quickly as the market evolve, but the price in this s case is really high. The companies sometimes neglect the fact that a…

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  • Anxiety And Uncertainty Management Theory Essay

    The Anxiety and Uncertainty Management Theory is an important theory to keep in mind when considering intercultural communication, especially when one finds themself in a totally new and different place than what they are used to. I spent a summer going to school in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in this place, I went through many of the reactions mentioned in the discussion of the Anxiety and Uncertainty Theory. In consideration of my time there, I thought it appropriate to apply this theory to my…

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