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  • Lutheran Social Work Observation Report

    from preschool to elementary school. When the kids come out of the school there is always a crossing guard there that make’s sure that kids cross the street safely. There are also many different public schools around the area as well. Bronx Community College is only ten minutes away walking distance. I go there sometimes when I don’t feel like going to Brooklyn, since I live in the Bronx. The New York City Board of Education is also ten minutes away from my agency, which allows parents to…

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  • Bronx Leadership

    other BLA students, one must ascribe to one of the categories previously mentioned. Most importantly, being able to speak the major language mostly utilized in the Bronx, Black English, or having the ‘Bronx accent’ brings one closer to the Bronx community; thus, being accepted in BLA by…

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  • Swagger By Carl Deuker: Character Analysis

    “I know. I’ll get an F. I’ll lose the scholarship” (427). In the book Swagger by Carl Deuker, Jonas, a kid from California, is put in many situations that he was not expecting. After moving to Seattle, and meeting his friend Levi. Jonas meets Coach Hartwell, who was his his dream coach. Until Jonas learned Levi was being abused by Hartwell, and that is where most of his troubles start. Jonas can not focus, Levi can not play basketball, and Jonas will lose his scholarship. Although friendship can…

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  • Lutheran Settlement House Business Analysis

    only social service agency within the community. It has been providing services to Fishtown and the Philadelphia area since 1902. The services since then may have changed but it’s core mission of “empowering individuals, families, and communities to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through an integrated program of social, educational, and advocacy services” has not ("History | Lutheran Settlement House | Empowering Children, Adults, Families, and Communities Since 1902," n.d.). Today,…

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  • Community Health Class Reflection

    sure what to expect because I did not really know what community health was. I signed up for the class to fulfill the requirement for my minor. Throughout this class, I have learned so much about the aspects of the community health, agencies, drug abuse, health rates, and disease types and control. These were all topics that were greatly interesting to me and I feel like the class improved my understanding of the way in which many communities operate. It also taught me the correct meaning of…

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  • West Point Hospital Case Study

    As expected the hospital team initially saw the needs of the community as a problem the CCC itself should handle through government programs or by approaching a hospital in another area, West Point Hospital. They expressed frustration with the community and reminded the CCC that the hospital is run on private money from donors and not government funded. It was obvious that the hospital did not feel any responsibility to the community itself, they were concerned with business and financials.…

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  • Neighbors May Finally Get Their Way Case Study

    while it operated from 1914 to 1982. The hospital served residents living in a community built around industry and considered a rawer area of the city. As the hospital aged, its facilities declined and the level of care which could be provided for patients degraded to the point that the hospital was closed as the Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center assumed and could better fulfill the responsibilities to the community. The opening of the new center incentivized the city to close…

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  • Analysis Of Personal Theology: A Garden Of Community By Lucy Atkinson Rose

    Personal Theology: A Garden of Community Lucy Atkinson Rose’s idea of the sermonic moment continues to strike me as a new and powerful method of developing relationships through sermons. Atkinson Rose proposes the following: “One form of preaching aims to gather the community of faith around the Word where the central conversations of the people of God are fostered and refocused week after week.” In suggesting that we rethink sermons as a shared experience of Truth, rather than truth from the…

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  • JA School Observation Essay

    All data and observations were collected to show comparisons between each JA school. The information found is valuable because it is important to know about both the physical side of a community and the economic side of a community, and how they compare to each other, as well as how they compare to other communities within a city. Junior Achievement is an organization dedicated to educating young children about branches that deal with economics,…

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  • Maker Education Research Paper

    rather steeped in the ability to use our hands and knowledge in constructing something. [ADD] Introduction. We are the Maker Education Initiative, which was founded in 2012. Our organization is a non-profit that supports and empowers educators and communities, particularly, those in underserved areas, to facilitate meaningful making and learning experiences with youth. Our Vision, every child is a “Maker”. Our Mission, to create more opportunities for all young people to develop confidence,…

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