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  • Essay On Nanotechnology

    Privacy has been a big concern of citizens interested in nanotechnology. The biggest component of the privacy breach is radio frequency identification chips called RFID. This technology is essentially the remote recognition of objects. With RFID, there has been concern that our privacy could potentially be breached by stores and companies by means of item-level tagging. Essentially…

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  • Microchips Disadvantages

    Microchips are smaller than regular sized chips and typically can do the same amount of work, if not more. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a regular chip is “a small wafer of semiconductor material that forms the base for an integrated circuit.” (dictionary) Although microchips seem like a better way to go, there are a few minor complications in this idea, such as the complexity of the circuits, the cost of the materials to make produce it and the function that is required of this…

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  • Radio Frequency Identification (RF And RFID?

    NFC and RFID Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data, aiming to automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. Near Field Communication (NFC) is one specific type of RFID, and shares many physical properties with it. The differences between NFC and RFID is that many extra properties were developed for NFC to enable secure mobile payments. 1.1. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) RFID was first patented in…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of RFID Chips

    life. Everyone has seen Windows 10 and the new iPhone 6s+, but not many people have noticed the small and silent but (metaphorically) deadly technological “predators” that are spreading quickly throughout humanity: RFID chips. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID is a small piece of equipment that utilizes electromagnetic fields to transfer data between the chip and a receiving device. General RFID chips are a breach of personal privacy and should not be used in any circumstance…

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  • Radio-Frequency Identification: RFID Tags

    Radio-frequency identification also known as RFID is the use of wireless technology that uses electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purpose of automatically identifying and tracking RFID tags that are attached to objects. The RFID tags will have information that is electronically stored. Some of the tags will be powered by an electromagnetic induction from magnetic fields that are produced near the readers. Certain RFID tags will collect energy from the reader’s radio waves and will…

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  • Case Study Of Intel: Smart Freight Technology Powered By The Internet Of Things

    Therefore, companies are able to purchase sufficient quantity of goods for the increasing needs. IoT can also use for the product return or exchange. With the sensor installed at the mailbox, people can track their order status; for the return or exchange condition, people can also send the message to inform logistic companies to come and pick up the goods. Today’s transportation also got influence by the Internet of Things. With the connected devices, the industry is changing to be smarter,…

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  • Chaguaramas Beach Case Study

    industrial and recreational facilities have increased over the years. Interviews done with the Assistant secretary Alcan Bay Fishing Association, Martin Alexander, stated that the water quality report done by the Institute of Marine Affairs, there was a high level of E-coli bacteria in the water. Fishermen described the water as white with a greenish which was algae found in the water. Algae would use the oxygen content in the water preventing the existence of fish in the area. Fishermen had to…

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  • Rfid Pros And Cons

    Topic: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) -Pros & Cons 1.0 Explanation of marking justification. The topic of the pros and cons of radio frequency identification (RFID) had been evaluated during the presentation session and marks had been given. There are two categories in marking criteria which are content and presentation. For the content which 60 marks in total, there are divided into details which is research, relevance, topicality, and conclusion. Meanwhile, for the presentation which…

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  • Disadvantages Of RFID Technology

    RFID TECHNOLOGY Radio-frequency identification (RFID): RFID Technology is a wireless electromagnetic field that is used to transfer data, or to identify people or objective, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. RFID is very fast, reliable and does not require any physical sight or contact between reader and scanner and the tagged items. There are some tags contains electronically stored information. It refers to small electronic devices that…

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  • Oscilloscope Response Paper

    The experimenters followed their experimentation with analysis of the data obtained. The experimenters first contemplated the applicability of the Probe Comp test signal to biological systems. The experimenters reasoned that the test signal was not an effective description of a biological system because the test signal did not exhibit the noise present in biological systems. While considering the observations of the oscilloscope and biological systems, the experimenters considered which settings…

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