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  • Positive Change

    Students are stressed with the stack of high stakes testing they are administered each year. Teachers are overwhelmed at the pressure to raise student scores. This is problematic because the ability for students to become fully engaged in a lesson lessens as teachers focus on cramming information…

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  • My Journey To The Physical Clinic At San Diego State University

    at San Diego State University. Before walking through the doors I hadn’t realized how privileged I was that my school gave me the opportunity to internship here. Growing up all I had ever known were gangs, drug addicts, alcoholics, and high school dropouts. A high school diploma is rare in the world I come from, which makes a college diploma nonexistent. I never imagined that I’d be able to walk on the grounds of a University. I met the woman in charge of the clinic and within minutes I was…

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  • Care Club Reflection

    children to work instead. Their coworkers and boss usually disapprove of this, so parents could really use the help. But one of my highlight of volunteering was when I had a free period class and I become a teacher 's aid for Miss Sebastian 's at Apollo High school. I didn 't get any credits but it really didn 't matter to…

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  • Personal Essay: My Favorite Sport Of Football

    best friend Jackson, but we call him Jack, and both being intimidated by the upperclassman putting 225lbs on bench and repping it out with no issue. Little did I know, the weight room would soon be where I was spending most of my summers throughout high school. Later in the summer of my freshman year, I was given the option to travel Florida or attend a football camp at Central Methodist University (CMU), and I chose football. Throughout my freshman season I do not remember much for I did not…

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  • Graduation Speech: A Letter To An Athlete

    take a moment to say thank to all my friends who believed in and gave the most awkward motivation speech from their little hearts to help me when I need it in my school career. They gave the determination I lacked when others made me feel like high school was not worth it for me. I will like to say thanks to friends that will go to the gym with me, even though we just ran our mile and they want a taco and then sleep for six hours. I will take a moment, I will like to say thank you to my…

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  • Youth Hyperculture Analysis

    The youth hyperculture that constitutes the technologically dependent age group known as Generation Y is an amalgamation of a countless myriad of societal institutions, all shaping the growth of individuals in this increasingly modern 21st-century; in particular, I have been shaped by two social groups: the family in which I was born and raised, and the school-setting peer group of which I was a member of during my secondary education. Both have been tremendously invaluable to my childhood and…

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  • Unfair Treatment Research Paper

    institution based on the student 's social life unfair treatment is taken place because the institutions never know if that is the actual applicant. In the blog “How Social Media Can Affect College Admissions” by Suzanne Schaffer, Schaffer says, “Take a high school student for example, that posted on her Twitter account that the info session at a particular college was lame and used the colleges hashtag when doing it. She was probably trying to be cute and post a comment that would get a…

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  • Persuasive Essay: The Importance Of Volunteering In Schools

    school and is always spending ample amounts of time volunteering at the local homeless shelter. His hundreds of hours of community service he racked up in high school however are insignificant when applying to colleges, as every other teenager in the country applying to has the same amount of time volunteered. The vast majority of students in high school already do something outside of school whether it is playing sports, taking part in a club such as FFA or FCCLA, having a job, or…

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  • Definition Essay: My Hero

    school, making friends and just generally enjoying life like I had never before. I finally knew who I was and what I wanted to do with myself. I saw my goals in front of me and seized them. Through my father’s efforts my self-esteem was at an all time high and I worked up the courage to ask a girl to prom, something that I would have never done before. Now this girl eventually became my girlfriend, and we’ve been dating for eight years come February. I met the girl of my dreams as a result of…

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  • In Order To Live By Yeonmi Parks Reflection

    myself and taught myself to continue academic achievement leading me into the best moments of my life. I have been an intern at the South Florida Federal Credit Union, a very prestigious position to gain; graduated from a mega-magnet, Coral Reef Senior High School, with a 4.1 grade point average; have Full- Ride to any college/university for four years; have been offered two job positions at great swim teams and am able to reach for straight A’s in Florida International University at the age of…

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