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  • X-Men Film Analysis

    In the fall of 1963, writer Stan Lee created a comic about a fictional team of superheroes with incredible powers known as the X-Men. Since the first comic appeared there have been ongoing spin-offs created, and to this day over 400 issues of X-Men comics exist each with an abundance of volumes. The first X-Men movie came out in the year 2000 and the worldwide franchise has not stopped growing. A total of seven movies have been released, the latest being X-Men: Days of Future Past, and X-Men:…

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  • Homecoming Vs Spider Man

    The first movie begins with a thirty-some-odd minute montage of Peter becoming the hero. In Homecoming however, the story jumps right in at a point in which Peter has already become Spider-Man. In the previous Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War, Peter’s transcendence into Spider-Man is alluded and sets up for the continuation of the story. Homecoming simply picks up years after Civil War leaves off. The character and setting changes, as previously stated…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In Alan Moore's Watchmen

    Presented in a complex world, where the discrepancy between a righteous hero and an evil villain is often misconstrued, Alan Moore’s Watchmen does a brilliant job at portraying his sordid depiction of twentieth century life. Unlike most other comics Watchmen was based on realistic sexual activities and feelings, political situations, and a superheroes realistic effect on the world they live in. The book begins eight years after the Keene Act was passed, which was a law that outlawed all masked…

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  • Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Character Analysis

    Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been “With great power comes great responsibility”, this very old saying famously appears in the Marvel comic series Spider Man. Uncle Ben uses these wise words to warn Peter Parker that with any sort of power, there is also a negative side that comes with it. We can observe this in, Where you going, Where Have You Been by Joyce Carol Oates. In this story the main character Connie realizes that she has this great power to attract boys, she is very much…

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  • Batman A Death In The Family Analysis

    A death in the family When someone asks who the greatest superheroes of all time ask yourself which one did you consider the best, when I ask myself that question Batman and Robin both come to mind , because of their teamwork and how they stood for the greater good. The graphic novel I’ve decided to analyze is Batman: A death in the family written by Jim Starlin and published by DC comics in December of 1988. Batman a death in the family was far ahead of its time and brought something fresh…

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  • Robin Williams Impact On Today's Society

    Robin Williams faced a lot of problems in his career. As the result of diseases that robin was diagnosed with, he didn't want to live with a disease so powerful that could take over your mind. He resorted to drug use. Although he was a very successful actor, he still had problems in his life. Robin Williams had a huge Impact on today's society, no only because of his magnificent acting, but also the challenges he faced like diseases, drug use and his unfortunate death. “ Robins made the best out…

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  • The Dark Knight Batman Comparison

    Comic books are contemporary forms of art that touch in the categories of art, literature, and entertainment. From DC and Marvel (which are my personal favorites) to the other comic book companies and brands that are less known by the outside readers, there is a broad range of comic book characters and story lines. Like art and literature, comic books and their characters, styles, and icons change over the course of time. Similar to entertainment in general, these changes are made to better the…

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  • Marvel Comics Stereotypes

    stereotype that comic books are only for white, nerdy males no longer stands true as the audience opens up to females from various cultures and races. This being said, characters within comic books are not changing as quickly as their audiences are. Marvel Comics have shocked their audience when they announced that there would be major changes to some of their most well-known characters. First would be the announcement that Thor would now become…

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  • Examples Of Daredevil: The Qualities Of A Hero

    everyday lives, heros are found everywhere. In the the Marvel comics, Daredevil, DC comics, The Flash, and reality, Police officer, heroes are men who have shown distinguished courage or ability, and who is admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities, But a police officer does not have these special abilities that superheroes from fictional comics have, and still shows courage and is admired for bravery and noble qualities. In the Marvel comics, Daredevil, Daredevil is shown as a hero among…

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  • Captain America Character Traits

    Captain America whose real name is Steve Rogers transitioned from a comic book to the television on a journey to become the greatest soldier in history. Captain America’s main power is the maximum human physical potential that he has. The character first debuted in 1941 during the time of the Second World War. As a result of his small stature he was deemed unfit for military service however due to his powers he was accepted. Rogers was brave and compassionate and this qualified him as the most…

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