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  • Superheroes Unmask Analysis

    The documentary starts with the inception of superman and then moves on to how DC wanted to try and replicate the success of Superman so they created Batman. From there more companies wanted to try and break into the business which was how Marvel (originally Timely Comics) got started. The documentary then follows major world events like World War 2, Vietnam, and 9/11 and their accompanying time periods and shows how comics were affected and how they changed with the times. The information…

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  • Wonder Woman Superhero

    Superhero films are based on adventurism and escapism that pertains to classic storytelling traditions and mythology. Most popular superhero films are built-in mythologies involving quests and special destinies for people who thought they were just ordinary people, and a consistent theme of a need to put faith in something larger than yourself. For this reason, I believe Wonder Woman is a great example of a superhero that is classified as contemporary mythology. Aside from Superman and Batman,…

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  • Why Marvel Is Better Than Dc's

    deciding between two movies, Thor Ragnarok and the Justice League. Would you choose the one where the hero is dark and dresses like a bat or the one where the hero is constantly making jokes and comical things happen regularly. There are many ways Marvel is better than DC, one of these reasons is the fact that Marvel’s characters are more positive than DC’s, I mean would you prefer a superhero who fights with pink swords and guns with flashes of pink sparkles and stars when they make contact? Or…

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  • How Did Star Wars Change The World

    How Star Wars Changed the World The Star Wars sagas has become known worldwide and is still growing strong with more and more movies being made. People have been crazed over the Star Wars films for almost four decades. Companies have used the movies to make big money on Star Wars themed toys and books. Also because it is so popular people are announcing that their religion is Jedi. Star Wars has been one of the most successful, popular, and ,one of the most recent movies in the Star Wars sagas…

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  • Comparative Analysis Of The Movie 'Baby Boy'

    JC Washington Cinema Spring 2016 Director Comparative Analysis A notable director, producer, and screenwriter is who John Singleton is. Born in Los Angeles, California, Singleton always had a passion for films. John Singleton was raised by his mother and father in separate households. He was a son of a mortgage broker and a pharmaceutical company sales executive. John Singleton did not have any family influence when it came to wanting to be a director. His interest came about because he…

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  • Personal Narrative: Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Though the production itself has come a long way, I see problems in many films with the way women are represented, especially in the Marvel films I love so much. It upsets me, but that is not enough. If I cannot accept it, I must change it. This is where my skills as a Humanities student would be useful. During my four years at the Scholar’s Center for Humanities at my high school, I…

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  • Hero Archetype

    itself is Super Grover. A character that through maneuvering about the campus singlehandedly amending little problems the charachters are having throughout the show. In mainstream media the superhero archetype runs rampant; whether it is through the Marvel or D.C. comic book franchises or, If heroes are exhibited through everyday people such as mothers and fathers. Equally as important stands…

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  • Seduction Of The Innocent: The Controversy Of Comic Books

    Background Comic books were in the groove in the 30’s and 40’s. After DC Comics published Superman in 1938, stories of mean, costumed superheroes battling criminals and enemies of the United States arose. However after World War II ended, interest for these stories decreased and superheroes were up the creek. In order to gain back the public’s interest of comic books, publishers began to fill them with romance, crime, and horror. In the early 1950’s, crime and horror comics arose, quickly…

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  • Images In The Watchman

    Without images…how could a graphic novel like “Watchmen” exist? Images allow the reader to be taken on a crazy ride through the lives, and stories of the characters all while using both words and images to create a new type of language for the reader to learn. Images, like stated in McCloud matter. In the novel, images are what make the material being read so appealing. Immediately on Page 1, the reader is exposed to a non-sensory image of a blood stained sidewalk which grasps attention right…

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  • Mike Thaler Biography

    Mike Thaler was born October 8, 1963 in Los Angeles, California. As a child, Mike was always very creative, he enjoyed modeling clay, drawing pictures and writing. He drew cartoons for the school annual and for his school paper at the University of California. He drove from California to New York to begin his career drawing cartoons for adults. Until one day he was contacted by his first editor Ursula Nordstrom after she saw one of his cartoons, she reached out to him to write a children's…

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