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  • The Overexualization Of Women In Disney's Frozen

    On a random Friday night there is a crowd in front of the movie theatre for the premiere of the newest Avengers. A group of friends streams the latest season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Multiple people pick up George R.R. Martin’s new book in the bookstore. It is no secret that the entertainment industry has a heavy influence on American lives. The media has always been the source of controversy regarding its content. However, there is one issue that continues to occur in…

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  • Blaxploitation In Movies

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 ruled against discrimination based on race, color, religion, or sex. During the decade of the 1970’s, the concern of race and bigotry was still occurring throughout America despite the fact that it was after the Civil Rights Act was passed. Media had a ton to do with the racism that was going on in the country. The source of media that had a major impact was motion pictures. The African American community were hardly pictured in movies nor were they given the lead…

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  • Manga Research Paper

    Introduction to Manga The Japanese has taken the world by a storm in terms of both technological advancement and influencing the teenagers with interesting and inspiring literary comic novels which they call "manga". These comic novels have taken the world by storm and gain followers everyday or more like mad enthusiasts everyday. The mangas can be based on anything from fantasy adventure based stories to a typical romance drama. These mangas are very interesting and the plot of most of these…

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  • Super You Persuasive Speech

    Super You During our childhood, we were amazed by the stories of super heroes. Those Powerful characters who have great power to help the world. Grandizer, Superman and Spiderman. I believe that most of us as children had a wish to have that power and help people in need, but as we grow up we got shocked by the fact that all those powers are just fictitious! Fellow toastmasters, wonderful guests, What if I tell now, after you became aware adult, that you have a magical power within you? A power…

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  • Racism Essay: The Definition Of Herosim

    The Definition of Herosim Have you ever known what being heroic is like? Well if you don't, you’ll want to find out, If you’ve ever watched a movie with a hero in it you should have a good idea of what being heroic should be but there are a lot more characteristics to a hero. Superman flies and saves people with his super strength but his weakness is kryptonite, Superman is kind, brave, and fearless. If you know spider man he is fearless to so it is a thing that is pretty common with heros and…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Marvel Vs Dc

    Marvel takes on Dc When it comes to superheroes there would be only two series that would come to the mind of any human that takes an interest in them. Those two series are marvel which represents the characters such as the incredible Hulk, Iron man, and Captain America, but Dc Comics which represents Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Fans of the two series invest money, time and attention into these topics just off the character alone. Even though it may not seem like it, there are…

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  • Analysis Of Reunion By John Cheever

    You Are the Heroes of My Eyes Heroes have been conceptualized by American comics as someone has the supernatural power and wears some sophisticated costumes when they are saving the world. However, in reality, a hero can be a person who is able to do the little things for their beloved one in daily life. Doing a little thing is in the sense that we can show our love and kindness towards other in this cruel and cold world. Hence, Bob from ‘’After Twenty Years’’ and the father of ‘’Reunion’’ can…

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  • A Narrative Essay About My Hero

    Christopher Reeves once said,“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” We all have a different definition of a “hero”, yet there are so many variations. Usually, our mind darts to “superheroes” like Wonder Woman and Iron Man, but true heroes are significantly more. They don’t wear capes or armor, but are uniquely draped in compassion and tenderness. My hero- my mother - has the armor of the Bible bound around her body…

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  • Scott Mccloud: Creating My Big Triangle

    While creating my “big triangle” I had never realized how drastically styles, especially comics, depict people. Scott McCloud focuses on how we are able to recognize and see human faces even in basic depictions, such as his example of a circle with two eyes and a line for a mouth. Thus, in comics this allows a ton of variety in the degrees of realism and expressionism, which is why so many styles exist, especially regionally. Though it was occasionally hard for me to find an appropriate example…

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  • Superman Popular Culture

    In the world of American comics, bad guys run everywhere, the world often needs. Thus, Superman, Batman, Spider-man and other gifted heroes appeared in succession. They fight the evil and save the treacherous shovel people, these superheroes are selfless, and they can even sacrifice their lives in order to protect the weak. Superman, the first comic figure to come to America and his story, which is action comics, entered on triumphing over evil every time. Superman sales volume achieved…

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