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  • Mitty Blake Heros

    Superman, Supergirl, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Spiderman. These are all heros, and they have done a plethora of things to gaian that significant title. Mitty Blake, the main character in Code Orange a fiction novel by Caroline B. Cooney, wanted to be on that list of heros. When readers met Mitty Blake, he was sixteen year old living in New York City who cared about nothing but music, his school work was never done nor did he even know what it was. Mitty Blake was writing a report on viruses…

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  • Heroes Definition Essay

    Who are heroes? When we hear the word “hero”, we automatically think of the characters we see in comics and movies. One doesn’t need to have extraordinary powers to be a hero. Yes, regular human beings can be a hero through their actions. Heroes often put others before themselves, shows great determination, but it doesn’t always guarantee a pleasant ending for them. Many heroes are called as “heroes” because they put others before themselves without a second thought. Their actions can either…

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  • Sexism In Movie Essay

    As my generation has grown up, it has been a trend for movie makers to make the old superhero comics and films into new and improved superhero films. In all the films that I have seen advertised, on DVD, or in theaters, a man has been portrayed as the big and strong main character/superhero and the woman has been portrayed as the “damsel in distress.” Even on the posters for the movies the guy is made to look larger than the woman even if she has the privilege to be on the poster. Sexism is a…

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  • An Analytical Analysis Of WALL-E, Pixar

    Back in 2008, a movie about a little robot engaging in a huge adventure hit movie theaters all over the United States. The movie that is being referenced is WALL•E, Pixar's fifth highest-grossing opening weekend film. Andrew Stanton, the director of the movie, and his team of writers, animators, and actors to create interesting and loveable characters and an immersive futuristic world. However, while the flick is considered by many as "one for the ages, a masterpiece to be savored before or…

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  • Beowulf Vs Spiderman Essay

    What do you think makes a hero, a hero? When reading stories such as Beowulf and Spiderman, you will encounter bravery, death, honorship, and heroism. There are many similarities between the brave soldier, Beowulf, from Beowulf, and the neighborhood superhero, Spiderman, though there are also prominent differences. Both of these characters are put under pressure in precarious situations and struggle to survive a battle, all while refusing to sacrifice their pride and honor. Almost everyone knows…

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  • Forrest Ackerman Research Paper

    Forrest Ackerman, a renown Science Fiction specialist, was born on November 24, 1916 in Los Angeles. His grandpa and grandma, George and Bell Herbert, made a huge impact on Ackerman’s interests in monsters and aliens. As a child, his grandmother influenced him by reading ghost stories while his grandpa drew pictures of monsters and aliens and brought him to as many as seven movies a day. His eccentric imagination of extraterrestrials encouraged and sparked his career as a Science Fiction…

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  • I Am Nerd Analysis

    I am nerd. A videogame, comic book, and much more type of nerd. I call myself a nerd because these are subjects that I enjoy to experience and learn about. These subjects not only have brought me entertainment throughout my years, but they have also taught me important life lessons that I intend to carry through the rest of my life. For examples I have learned through super heroes in comic books such as Spiderman, Captain America, and Iron man that life can bring up difficult obstacles but by…

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  • Ladybug's Identity: A Short Story

    In his defense, he lasted a grand total of fourteen hours, which, in Nino's oh-so-humble opinion, is way more than any sane person had a right to last after discovering what he discovered. Fourteen hours ago, he was perfectly okay to shrug off what he just saw. He told himself he'd be chill. Totally, one-hundred-percent chill. So what if one of his closest friends transforms into an ass-kicking, red-spandexed superheroine on a near-daily basis to defeat magical-butterfly-infected…

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  • Comic Book Synthesis Essay

    Historically, literary themes regarding the LGBTQ community have been omitted from comic books mainly because of censorship regulations and the presumption that storylines that include sexual orientation are not appropriate for children. The social mores of the past caused the exclusion of LGBTQ issues and characters from children’s comic books because the LGBTQ lifestyle was considered immoral. However, in recent years, comic book creators have started to take on the task of representing the…

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  • What Is Ray Fisher Role Model

    Ray Fisher Talks About his Role as Cyborg Being cast in the role of Cyborg is a monumental step in Ray Fisher’s career. This is his first major motion picture. Not only that, his character is DC’s first movie screen black hero. To a lot of comic fans, Cyborg is not just a member of the Justice League. He represents not just a superhero but a role model for many children. Fisher shares that his first interaction with the character was when he watched the cartoon show Teen Titans in the early…

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