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  • King Lear's Journey Analysis

    Every single person in this room has embarked on a journey, whether it be a journey to senior schooling, or even a journey to self-discovery; everyone has at least once experienced the impacts journeys may potentially offer. In William Shakespeare’s marvel, King Lear, and Hai-Van Nguyen’s, Journey to Freedom, the impacts journeys can have on a traveller, are made apparent through tone, imagery, cumulative listing, irony and also motifs. King Lear is one…

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  • The Importance Of A Good Host In The Odyssey

    In the Odyssey, Homer uses many different hosts to tell the reader what traits a good host must possess. Homer shows several types of hosts throughout the book: hosts who want to eat their guests, hosts who want their guests to eat, hosts who want to talk to their guest, and hosts who want their guest to talk. Most of the hosts seen in this book show themselves to be cruel or bad hosts, by either killing their guests or keeping them against their will. Only a select few show themselves as truly…

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  • The Network Film Analysis

    The feature film called, Network (1976), directed by Sidney Lumet is the story of a fictional television news host called Howard Beale. The film is pure satire and it portrays how much of an impact the media has, especially television. Howard Beale was a news anchorman on UBS for a long time and was fired that would be effective in two weeks. He announced on live television he would be retiring from the show because of poor ratings and was going to kill himself on live television a week from…

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  • Gender Roles In The Movie Mulan

    What would lead someone to willingly change their gender just to be accepted? What kind of world do we live in that the discrimination of women leads them to desperately look for ways to assert themselves into this broken society? The movie Mulan is a great picture of how gender issues get in the way of letting people break away from the mold and become the person that they were meant to be. The movie, Mulan, brings up gender stereotypes, identity through gender, and gender inequality. Mulan is…

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  • True Love In The Lais Of Marie De France

    necessity of love. Those who conduct themselves as if love is not needed are viewed as leading fruitless and barren existences. There is a disdain towards those we perceive as unwilling to bear weakness for something other than oneself. Love is the ultimate culmination of selfishness and selflessness. We are perusing the ease of a mortal wound that, if not appeased, will either be the carried with us to our end or will be the very cause of our end. At the same time, personal well being falls in…

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  • Comparing Homer's Odyssey And Moana

    More specifically, throughout the Odyssey, the ultimate goal is to make it back to Odysseus’s home, in Ithaca. The reason for Odysseus’s aspiration to go home is to rejoin his family which he has longed for twenty years. Odysseus’s feelings may be inferred at the moment he meets his son, Telemachus, as shown in the text, “Held back too long, the tears ran down his cheeks as he embraced his son...Then, throwing his arms around this marvel of a father, Telemachus began to weep. Salt tears rose…

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  • The Grand Inquisitor Analysis

    Question1 In the "Wanderings of Our Lady through Hell" portion, of "The Grand Inquisitor,’ some desperate perceptions about the theme of forgiveness are presented. The views include the fact that the forgiveness is vital in order to save the human race from pain and suffering. Indeed, an illustration of this frantic call is demonstrated in Our Lady’s plea for God to have mercy on the burning sinner in as an act of revenge for His son’s torturing. To show more desperation about the issue of…

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  • Tale Of Two Cities Sydney Carton Character Analysis

    love for Lucie inspires him to make the ultimate sacrifice, showing his true heroic nature. 2. Carton becomes a selfless martyr whose death allows Lucie to be happy. 3. In addition to securing Lucie’s happiness, this action is also Carton’s final and last attempt to learn to love him. 4. Through this act, he finds meaning in his own life, transforming him from the once self-pitying alcoholic to someone who is remembered and admired. 5. Carton seems to marvel in his own bravery, admiring his…

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  • The Alchemist And Najeeb's Journey

    Najeeb in Goat days on the other hand is in the pursuit for a much greater emergency – his freedom. Both the protagonists begin their quest from a place where their ultimate goal resides. It is to the same place that they both reach in the end – ‘the boy’ to the ruined church in Spain and Najeeb to his homeland in Kerala. Najeeb started for Gulf in pursuit of livelihood in midst of abject poverty. The desert of Gulf…

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  • Lou Gehrig As The Real Hero

    The “Iron Man” named Tony Stark is one of the most famous comic characters in all of Marvel history. The only problem is that Tony Stark is not the man who walked the earth around the early to mid 1900’s. The real “Iron Man” is truly named Lou Gehrig and is the real hero. Lou Gehrig was born in a enormous town named New York City. Lou was one of four children and the only one who survived through infancy and the struggles his family went through in his early life. At the age of 11 he was able…

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