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  • Personal Themes In War Dances By Sherman Alexie

    Can you imagine writing your personal experiences to teach readers a theme or the main idea behind the story? In the book “War Dances” written by Sherman Alexie, which published in 2009, is a collection of short stories and personal poems that describe tragedies that can occur in someone’s life and how the challenges can affect their daily purpose. Many of the personal topics that Alexie mentions in his book are the Native American stereotypes, his family’s medical history, and loss of Native American culture. More specifically, the theme of isolation and the concept of unity and togetherness of a group, which is present throughout the book. To begin with, Alexie wrote a section in his book called “My Kafka Baggage” and he refers to the theme of isolation when he describes and question the cockroach that he found in his bag. The theme slowly becomes present when the narrator feels empathetic and curious about the dead cockroach he found. As stated in “War Dances” by Sherman Alexie, “His legs were curled under his body. His body was tilted at a sad angle. Sad? Yes, sad. For who is lonelier than a cockroach without his tribe? I laughed at myself. I was feeling empathy for a dead cockroach…As he died, did he feel fear? Isolation? Existential Dread?” (Alexie, 594). This quote accentuates the theme of loneliness by expressing and empathizing for the dead cockroach, then he mentions that the cockroach must have experienced loneliness without his tribe. In another section called…

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  • Symbolism In The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe

    The Raven Symbolism “The Raven” is a narrative poem written by Edgar Allan Poe. Many authors have used talking birds and ravens in their writing, but used in Poe uses the raven to represent a sad longing for his dead wife or lover with the emotions of loneliness, sadness, fear,madness, and death. “The Raven” was inspired by “A Tale of the Riots Eighty” by Charles Dickens. Throughout the poem, the narrator looks for some answers about seeing his wife, Lenore again in the afterlife as he stares…

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  • Analysis Of No Second Troy

    “No Second Troy” is a poem by W.B. Yeats about his love relationship with a beautiful Irish woman called Maud Gonne. The poem is one of the greatest literary love stories of the twentieth century. It indicates how beauty can cause a tragic distraction with the reference to Helen of Troy. “Leda and the Swan” is another poem written by W.B. Yeats, it retells the fantasy from the Greek mythology of how Zeus - the most powerful god of all - raped Leda, the daughter of the king of Sparta, taking the…

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  • Imagery In Annabel Lee

    The poem "Annabel Lee", by Edgar Allan Poe, shows the speaker's way of coping with the death of his beloved, which is displayed as obsession towards her and his judgment of the holy as guilty. The speaker justifies his obsessed love to Annabel Lee as stronger than any extraordinary force, and presents the holy as disgraced and malice for trying to separate them. First, the repetition of words, phrases and sounds emphasizes the speaker's obsession towards Annabel Lee. Her name is mentioned seven…

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  • Tragedy In A Late Walk By Robert Frost

    There is a great deal of well-known poets that lived a very tragic life. There is a great deal of depth in many people’s poems. I personally believe however that one person in particular has suffered through tragedy throughout his life, and his poems are fun to read and decipher the true complex meaning behind the words. Robert Frost is an early twentieth century American poet, who in the poem, “A Late Walk,” wrote about complex social and philosophical themes set in rural life in New England.…

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  • The Raven Literary Analysis

    The Raven Literary Analysis I would like to do a literary analysis of “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe, which is considered one of the best poems in the history. Main character is the narrator, who is not further described except fact that he lost his beloved Lenore, and the raven. Even though the raven is just an animal he plays an important role in the poem. It is a short story about the person who is the narrator and is trying to find out if he will see Lenore ever again. Answer to that is…

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  • Symbolism In Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven

    “The Raven” is a poem expressed in the form of a story that the author, Edgar Allen Poe, uses an amazing combination of symbolism, imagery, and wordplay to display the love and supernatural aspect that correlates to the deaf of the man’s love, Lenore. These elements help support the theme. The theme of “The Raven” is the sadness and grief that is brought along when a love one is lost eternalized and can never be fixed. The symbols are in the form of objects and figures. The imagery in the poem…

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  • An Ironical Analysis Of Francesco Petrarch's Sonnet 333

    Francesco Petrarch’s Sonnet 333 represents his feelings towards a woman and his life. Petrarch explains his feelings by conveying a dark, melancholy tone at the beginning of his sonnet and a more hopeful tone towards the end. He uses irony in the form of a paradox to convey that his love for a woman is alive, although she is dead. He also juxtaposes death and life, and hope and sadness throughout his sonnet. By using metaphors, paradoxes, and diction Petrarch shows his love, grief, and longing…

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  • Use Of Irony In The Cask Of Amontillado By Edgar Allan Poe

    “I was never kinder to the old man than the week before I killed him” (Poe, 2). Edgar Allan Poe was born in 1809, and lost both his parents when he was very young. He was adopted by John and Frances Allan. Eventually when he got older he grew apart from his foster parents due to his gambling addiction, and their relationship deteriorated. When Poe was grown he moved in with his grandmother and fell in love with his 14 year old cousin, Virginia. He married his cousin, who was his everything and…

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  • Comparison Of Annabel Lee, The Tell-Tale Heart, And The Raven

    The ideas and subjects expressed in Edgar Allan Poe’s works are a reflection of his life and times. Poe, the widely known author of “Annabel Lee,” “The Tell-Tale Heart,” and “The Raven” married his wife Virginia in 1836 (Poe/Bio 1). He loved her very much, and it is said that he based some of his stories on their affection (Poe/Bio). Sadly, his wife died in 1847 of tuberculosis, and “Poe became increasingly depressed and erratic” though he still continued writing (Britannica 1). Many considered…

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