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  • My Father's Minotaur: A Short Story

    There he was, amidst those whose fate was so tragic my heart ached. He was entering the castle I knew and loved. My father allowed those who were going into the maze one final feast. The house was decorated with flowers and ribbons hanging from the ceilings accompanied by delicacies the chefs prepared only this time of year. I hated this time of year, the time when innocent civilians were sacrificed for my father 's Minotaur. It always seemed like the angel of death was lurking through the…

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  • Consumed By Darkness: A Short Story

    Consumed by Darkness “You know, I want to burn your face off, so that no one else can see your beauty.” He said completely straight faced. It was one of those times that you knew he wasn’t joking and that scared me. The first time I ever noticed him, was the day he walked up to me when I was working at my high school’s pool as a Lifeguard. He had been in swimming that whole evening during my shift and I didn’t really think much of it. At some point, he had hopped out the pool and took a seat…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Keystone Commercial

    Keystone Smooth Beautiful women and a fun time can attract anyone to a product. That is what the beer company Keystone is going for in their commercials. Their commercial usually consist of a beautiful girl and a blue collar looking man saying something nice to the beautiful girl ultimately sweeping her off her feet. The commercial I watched used a figure head of a blue-collar man. They used a beautiful woman in distress and shows their product helping them win the beautiful woman over and the…

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  • Lana Del Rey Analysis

    passionate. In her song “Born to Die” her lyrics “Come take a walk on the wild side,”she states her rebellious action of taking a risk. In her music video of that song she is sitting on a throne with her long white gown, a flower crown and two tigers, one on each side of her. This shows her role of…

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  • The Importance Of Making A Code Of Honor

    You know what I hate the most in this world is back stabbing bitches. There are people in this world designed to pretend to be your friends then turn around and destroy us. I have meet so many people like that and it makes me sick but hey what can I do about it. You can try to handle them in a way you think will work without being violent but trust me when I tell you that will never work. You have to stand your ground not matter what or they will just walk all over you. You can’t be afraid to…

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  • Pain And Pain-Personal Narrative

    Running down the court, having the mindset that no one can guard me. I have the ball, she just missed the lay-up. I’m running I’m so close to the basket. Layup, lay-up, layup, then I fall. All that’s next is this pain, a pain that I knew couldn’t be serious. I get up I’m okay at least I think I’m okay. I’m walking it off in pain, All I’m thinking about is nothing can happen to me the season is about to start. I walk. I walk. I’m okay now, but am I? By the way, the pain was in my knee, but next…

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  • Monologue Of Alex And Greaser

    Seriously? You're like a hormonal teenage girl, swapping one emotion for another at the snap of a finger. I thought we had reached a certain level. That I had delved a bit deeper into the enigma of Alexander David Turner, past the glimmery ego of a shell. Then again, maybe I did, but he thought I needed to reach…

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  • Short Story: Honey I M Home?

    Do you want some dinner soon? You haven 't eaten much, have you?" He asked. I frowned. "If you want to." "I 'm going to make you some hot chocolate" he said, getting up. I paused the Kardashians to get up and follow him into the kitchen, sitting on one of the stools at the counter. "You didn 't have to come, babe" he said. I shrugged. "I wanted to be with you." He smiled at me and started making some hot chocolate on the stove. He set a mug down on the counter in front of me when he was…

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  • Interduction Monologue

    2 Pip Scribbling around in the muck on your hands and knees. That 's not a good look. Xolelwa. I don 't blame myself! I blame Lebo! She sold me! It 's like it 's happening now... Where is she? Is she okay? Sphe is pregnant. Look, I know it changes things, but not between us. We 're perfectly fine. - Have some tea. - Thank you, but you really didn 't have to. I wanted to. It 's so lovely to have you back. Living in this house... full of men. No ways. I 'd like us to have dinner at…

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  • Falling In Love: A Narrative Fiction

    He invited me to go back inside and sit at my table and I couldn 't reject him. We took our seats and I became so uncomfortable because we were the center of everyone 's attention. He ordered more champagne for me and we continued with our conversation. We talked about so many things regarding the company and our careers, but deep inside, I was curious to know his frustrations and why would a man like him would be dating a woman if he had other interests, I really wanted to know but I didn 't…

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