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  • Video Games Effects On The Mind And Body

    How do computers, video games, and watching television affect the mind and body? All three of these have some positive and negative effects on the mind and body. They can range from being as positive as increasing cognitive skills, to as harmful as atrophy of a person’s social skills and muscles. However, there are also ways to counterbalance the negative effects that playing on the computer, playing video games, and watching television may have on the mind and body while still being able to…

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  • Personal Narrative-Time Travel Tunnel

    Time travel tunnel, I'm driving through it at the edge of the world, or at least what I perceive to be the edge of the world... I'll cut to the chase. You don't want all the extra fluff and I don't want to give it to you. I was time traveling through a tunnel-- no, it was more like a wormhole, no time travel involved-- tesseracting, dimension traveling... but "time travel" sounds cooler. It's more accepted by the general public. Anyway, so I came out the other side into a pine forest, but the…

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  • Does The Internet Affect Mental Health?

    noted for affecting multiple body systems including the ophthalmology system, the nervous system, and the musculoskeletal system just to name a few. As the technology revolution as prevailed there has been a notable increase in the diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel syndrome. The prevalence of electrophysiologically confirmed CTS has been measured as generally higher for those in a computer working population than those that are not (Dale…

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  • Esports Are Not A Sport Essay

    Who knows what qualities something must have to be called a sport? Do we have a list of clearly defined points that are used to judge an activity to know if it is or isn’t a sport? Well I bring this up due to the controversial topic of “Esports aren’t really a sport” and how I disagree with this popular viewpoint. Esports have many traits that are found in other socially accepted sport such as football when a large group is required to work in a coordinated fashion under ample amounts of stress…

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  • Why Do We Use Social Media?

    “too much time on social media may make you more anxious, as you compare your life unfavorably to the lives of people on sites like Facebook. In addition, time spent typing on a smartphone or other device can contribute to wrist injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.” So not only are we mentally affecting our health and well-being, but we are also affecting our physical abilities. (What is a Healthy Amount of Time to Spend on Social Media,…

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  • Maturity In John Steinbeck's Through The Tunnel

    In the story “Through the Tunnel,” Jerry, the protagonist, undergoes challenges to test his maturity. During the introduction of the story, he begins as a young, immature boy, who is desperate to fit in and impress the older boys he meets, so he risks his life to gain the acceptance he seeks. After Jerry overcomes his challenges to prove himself to the other boys, he realizes that he no longer wants the older boys’ acceptance. Instead, overcoming the challenges pushes him into his journey to…

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  • Maturing And Adolescence In Through The Tunnel By Doris Lessing

    short story “Through the Tunnel.” Lessing dives into an 11 year old boy’s life and the challenges he faces as he matures from a naive child to an adult like kid. The boy, Jerry, is on a vacation with his widow mother and sees these older brown boys playing in the water, jumping off cliffs, and going through an underwater tunnel. As he sees them playing he realizes he wants to be just like them, more importantly wants to be accepted by them. In her short story “Through the Tunnel”, Doris Lessing…

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  • Case Study Of Aortico-Left Vententricular Tunnel

    Congenital aortico-left ventricular tunnel (ALVT) is rare and similar to ruptured sinus of Valsalva aneurysm. There are limited reports describing these rare entities and their associated surgical treatment. Between July 2004 and April 2016, three patients of different ages were diagnosed with aortico-left ventricular tunnel: two in infancy and one in adulthood. Diagnosis was challenging in all three patients. Surgical treatment with patch closure was successful in all three patients. Regardless…

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  • Tablets Vs Tablets Essay

    Textbooks or Tablets? Tablets can be very dangerous devices and should not be use in schools. They have many hidden issues that people are unaware of and they can have harmful-lasting effects on children and adults if used for long periods of time. Tablets should not be used in K-12 schools because they have many technical issues and can cause sleep disorders that can lead to long-term effects and many health issues. They have many problems that must be corrected before they will be safe for…

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  • Personal Narrative: Charlie In The Fort Pitt Tunnel

    of those times was an experience I share with Charlie. When he says that “[he] feel[s] infinite” (33) it is when he goes through the Fort Pitt Tunnel. Having lived in Pittsburgh, I have done this many times. There really is no experience like it. Before you enter the tunnel, you are in this seemingly normal area of a normal town. Then, you go into this tunnel which is below this giant hill. This hill separates normalcy from something almost magical. You enter it, feeling a little bit excited,…

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